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Team Events
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Team Events

Team Events arranges company outings and events for small and large companies throughout Switzerland. Plan directly with the organizer.

Company parties

Murder mystery dinner with three course menu »
Murder mystery dinner – the sleuth spectacular »
Rustic games and Swiss traditions »
Wine casino »
A Christmas night inside »
An evening in Lucerne with a culinary high point »
Las Vegas night »
A frontier town in the Emmental »
Appenzeller murder mystery – crime scene Quöllfrisch »
Western games with a table barbecue »
Help Santa Claus »
Lounge party on the Thunersee »
Pirate raid on the lakes of Switzerland »
Poker night »
Havana Night »
Knight extravaganza »
Oktoberfest Switzerland with Fun Activities »
Stagecoach scandal 1838 - a mystery-dinner »
Free the miller: medieval fun »
Horror dinner in the castle »
Get your company's story told »
Ali Baba's treasure »
Clowning dinner with Pello »
Family day in the Emmental »
Castleevent »
Cabin magic in Adelboden »
Football mania - Team-Challenge rund um den Ball »
The wild west in eastern Switzerland »
Christmas Dinner for Companies »
Brazilian night »
The comedy wedding »
Santa Claus evening »
Cabin experience in the Appenzeller countryside »
Events à la carte »

Creative group activities

Blow your own wine glass »
Grilling with skewers made in the forge »
Mixing cocktails in Zurich »
graffiti workshop for teams legal »
Make your own fondue fork in the forge and then enjoy a fondue »
Fondue fork forging with fondue in Bern »
beer brewing workshop »
Workshop zoo photography mobilephone »
Coffee workshop with dinner »
Chocolate dream »
“Läckerli” from Basel: baking workshop »
Action painting in Wetzikon »
Skewers forging in Zurich »
Cocktail-Workshop over the roofs of Basel »
Gin tasting in zurich degustation »
Mixing cocktails in Bern and Solothurn »
Beer tasting with beer sommelier »
circus workshop - as guest in the circus »
Mix your own cocktails »
Cocktail mix workshop with eating in Winterthur »
Pralines Truffles Workshop »
Flip flop workshop »
Chocolate workshop »
forge knives »
Escape Game with a closed suitcase »
Panzerknacker - Cracking locks »
Team song in the recording studio luzern »
Rocket construction in a team »
painting event creative workshop »
Forging barbecue skewers with barbecue fun in Bern »
Team action painting »
Vocal Percussion - enjoyable handling of our voice »
Handycover workshop with leather »
Baking biscuits with a patissier »
Glass blowing in the Emmental »
Gin-Event Berne »
yodel-workshop »
Mixing cocktails in Basel »
Chocolate figurines workshop »
Communication workshop without words »
Team film making »
Ice sculpture workshop »
Grilling with Skewers »
Make sausages yourself »
Forging skewers and fondue forks with food »
Cocktailmixevent Basel »
Lightpainting Workshop »
Team welding »
Bag workshop Event »
Make and carry your own torches in Üetliberg »
Designer lamp workshop »
Blow a wine glass in Lausanne »
cheeseevent switzerland emmental »
Harmonica workshop »
Rock your team »
Pottery and modelling »
Your own aperitif glass »
Glass recycling workshop »
Carve a Finnish candle »
studio visit and woodcarving »
Urban Gardening - natural team event »
Baking biscuits in a team »
Wood carving workshop »
Cocktail workshop in Lucerne or Zug »
Stone sculpting workshop from Ytong »
confection workshop like in grandmother's time »
Caipirinha Workshop »
Show-Bakery Merinques for Swiss Tourists »
Weld a sculpture »
Coffee workshop with organic coffee »
Perfume workshop »
Mobile dairy »
Record your own company song »
Bartender course with non-alcoholic drinks »
Ukulele playing in a team - Team song »
Baking beavers in the beaver manufactory »
Apéro workshop and dessert workshop in Bern »
Spiessgriffe schnitzen mit Riesenspiessli-BBQ »
The world of coffee »
Sweet temptations in Thun »
Weinerlebnis hautnah – Mitarbeit beim Winzer »
bubble workshop for teams »
photo collage workshop »
senses parcours with food »
cocktail workshop switzerland »
Yodelling in the Team Yodelling Workshop »
Chain reaction - built in a team »
Making gifts for customers »
Moulding soap »
Cup cakes workshop »
Get creative in the tropical house »
A team song on alphorns »
Discover the world of Swiss traditions »
Plate Design Workshop Teamevent »
Jewellery workshop »
Medicinal herbs in the streets of Zurich »
Drumevent »
Management event: sculpture and dinner »
Aperitif and smoothie workshop »
bow and arrow by night with fire »
Team drumming »
Cow bell orchestra »
Pyrotechnics with the professionals »
In the beginning was fire »
Candle workshop »
Creative butter braid bake in the Emmental »
Mustard workshop »
Make your own raclette oven – and try it out! »
Turning glass beads in a team »
Turn a bottle into a glass and then have a drink »
Soap stone fun »
Berliner workshop with old bread beer tasting »
Honey gingerbread witch house - build, decorate and enjoy »
For the ladies – colour and style presentation »
Building snow sculptures »
Kite making »
Build your own table football »
Market square »
Make a skewer for the grill »
Team ceramic painting »
Praline workshop »
Vineyard challenge »
Mobile brewery »
The energy experience »
Chinese lantern workshop »
Magical glass stars together with drinks »
Magic Workshop for groups »
Matchstick chain reaction »
A human logo photographed by drone »
Beer brewing workshop »
Build a giant catapult and take aim! »
Book binding like in the middle ages »
Logo Screen Printing Workshop »
Photography and film workshop »
Build a “skigibel” - it's like a one-ski bob! »
Trash drumming teambuilding »
Cajonworkshop with concert »
Careful, don't move! Mikado workshop »
Wooden puzzles: how does it all fit together? »
Balloon workshop for your company party »
Working with driftwood »
Playing with fire – become a fire artiste »
Wood oven-baked Event »
Alphorn fun with Bündner food »
Heilende Harzsalbe herstellen »
chocolate workshop top of switzerland »
Bauchredner-Workshop im Team »
clothes advice from the coach »

Adventures on water

Sailing with a wooden yacht on Lake Zurich »
Barbecue on Lake Constance »
Dragon boat trip »
Jetboat Tours on Lake Brienz »
Paddling in a team »
Raft building »
Barbecue boat on the Aare »
Sailing trip on Lake Thun with aperitif »
Aare river trip Thun – Bern »
Expirience the feeling of Hawaii on the Lake Zurich »
Rivertubing Aare Berne »
Canoe trip on the Schiffenensee »
Sailing on the three lakes »
Sailing on Lake Maggiore »
Evening cruise on the Aare »
Build a boat out of cardboard »
Sailing events on a Swiss lake »
GPS motor boat treasure hunt on Lake Lugano »
Riverrafting Basel »
By boat to a grill on the Rhine »
sailing Vierwaldstaettersee »
Regatta on Lake Geneva »
River rafting on the Simme »
Bern city tour on the River Aare »
Dragon boat racing »
Canyoning in the Ticino »
Team fun rowing in a scull »
kayaking Basel wildwater »
Boattrip Reuss »
Aare river trip Bern – Solothurn »
A cruise on the Thunersee – by kayak »
Canoeing in the Ticino »
Premium event: golfing and sailing »
Summer fun on Lake Zurich »
River rafting on the Lütschine »
Sailing and wine tasting »
Canyoning in central Switerland's Chli Schliere »
Kayaking on Lake Thun »
Canyoning in the Boggera »
Dragon boat building »
Stand Up Paddling at Lake Biel »
Stand up paddling and windsurfing »
River Stand Up Paddling Aare »
Grosskanadier-Safari »
Kayak tour on a Swiss lake »
Canoe trip on the Doubs »
Fun rafting in the Ticino »
Sailing on the Walensee »
Canyoning in Gruyère »
Canoeing in Gstaad »
Canyoning in Château-d'Oex »
Stand up paddling on Lake Thun »
River rafting on the Inn »
Canyoning in the Berner Oberland »
River rafting in Graubünden »
Rafting in Landquart »

Adventures in the snow

Sports Ice Stock curling Basel winterevent »
Igloo building with fondue fun »
Arctic Winter Games Davos, Gstaad or Stockhorn »
Winter games in Adelboden »
A round trip on a dog-drawn sleigh in Flumserberg »
Curling fun »
Winter games with fondue fun »
Bob building and racing »
A Yeti hunt! »
Snow shoe walking in central Switzerland »
Wintergames in in central Switzerland »
A round trip on a dog-drawn sleigh in central Switzerland »
Winter experience in Hoch-Ybrig »
Finnish winter games »
Husky trekking with fondue »
Build a sledge out of cardboard »
Winter fun Hasliberg »
Build an igloo on the Engstligenalp »
An evening on snow shoes »
Winter activities à la carte in Flims-Laax »
Snow shoe tour with an avalanche expert »
Snow golf in the Berner Oberland »
Drive an e-snowmobile »
Davos winter games »
Snow shoe trek to a fondue in an igloo »
Fascinating igloo building »
Inuit treasure »
Traditional “Fassdaube” skiing »
Husky fun in Toggenburg »
Snow shoes and cosy cabins in Adelboden »
Winter fun in Toggenburg »
Horned sledge experience »
Sledging fun in the Bernese Oberland »
Horned sledge fun »
Snow shoes trek across a glacier »
Sledge building »
Graubünden snow shoe tour »
Sledging and skibock fun in Adelboden »
Ski and snowboard racing fun »
Swiss snow shoe paradise »
An evening with huskies »
Sledging fun on the Grosse Scheidegg-Schwarzwaldalp »
Winter drinks at the snow bar »
Wildlife discovery on snow shoes »
Snow mandalas »
2 day Snow shoe trek to the Spitzmeilen »
A day with the sleigh dogs »
Après-ski with fondue in the Grisons mountains »
Mountain cabin gathering in Toggenburg »
Climbing on ice in the Berner Oberland »
Fishing in the ice on the Oeschinensee »
winterevent prättigau »

Adventures in nature

Lama trekking in the Bernese Oberland »
Panning for gold around the Napf »
Cooking outdoors in central Switzerland »
Gorge exploration in the Berner Oberland »
Visit to the Flyer factory and grill »
Treasure hunt by bicycle »
Visit the beekeeper in the emmental »
Urban gardening »
Wine tour on the Walensee »
Caving in Switzerland »
Forest expedition in the Muotathal »
Weather forecasting in the Muotalthal »
Adelboden adventure park – everything from action to relaxation »
Survial Camp Switzerland »
Culinary highlights in the amusement park »
Abseiling in the Choleren gorge »
Verzasca trek »
Swiss Grand Canyon trail »
Mystical Auenland »
Hot air balloon trip »
Seminar im Emmental mit Aktivitäten »
Goldrush Disentis Switzerland »
Be a paragliding passenger »
Exploring the natural world »
Glacier trekking »
On foot and scooter in Adelboden »
Mountain stream climbing »
Drinks on a glacier by helicopter »
Caving in Nidlenloch »
GPS treasure hunt »
Expedition through a gorge »
Hiking for Groups in the Berner Oberland »
Climbing in the Berner Oberland »
Sleeping in a tree tent »
Grouse watching in the Berner Oberland »
Geo-caching workshop »
Guided Biketour for Groups Appenzellerland »
Romantic night in the tepee »
Flying a glider – playing with the wind »

Trips and sightseeing

motorbike tour through the emmental »
Tuk-tuk trip through Zurich »
Scooter tour Lake of Biel »
A culinary evening »
Cargobike tour with electric drive »
City tour by Segway »
Christmas Treasure Hunt Berne »
Vineyard hike twann with winegrower »
Fondue, barbecue and carriage rides in the Emmental »
motorbike tour laketour switzerland »
Scary city tour Burgdorf »
Scooter fun in the Emmental »
After-work scootertour with aperitif or dinner »
motorbiketour Berne »
Quirky Val-de-Travers – asphalt and absinthe »
Through the Ticino on horseback »
An Emmental grill by horse and cart »
Winetasting Bielersee »
Cheeses and wild herb hunting in Flumserberg »
Horse-drawn carriage to the Kambly factory »
Interactive city tour through Rapperswil with the I-Pad »
motorbike tour berner oberland »
moped tour Emmental with barbecue on the farm »
Underground adventure tour with team cooking »
Electric scooter tour »
Quad bike touring in the Bernese Oberland »
Quad bike touring through the east of Switzerland »
Culinary treasure hunt in Zug »
On your bike – the moped revival »
Torchlit walk and “Grittibänz” baking »
Guided tour of the Einsiedeln Abbey »
Visit of the rice fields and risotto cooking »
carriage ride emmental with dinner »
torch hike berne christmasevent »
mopedtour appenzell »
Winter quad bike trip with fondue à discrétion »
Culinary adventure tour through Lugano »
Solarpark – der umweltfreundliche Teamausflug »
The fine side of Burgdorf - guided tour »
The city of Zug up close »
Cheeses in the Emmental »
Scooter fun with a grill in the Zug countryside »
Cheese trail in Gruyère »
Segway guided tour »
Wine and gourmet journey in the Ticino »
Medicinal herbs walking tour »
Wine Tasting Trip Switzerland »
liquors tasting weggis »
Guided city tour with Dinner Basel »
Guided e-bike tour in Val-de-Travers »
motorbike tour Solothurn »
Santa Claus evening »
In Gotthelf's footsteps »
Carriage ride Weggis Luzern »
Visit the Sheepfarm with Cameltrekking »
scootertour Greifensee »
A romantic trip to fondue fun »
Guided Tour - Papillorama »
Randonnée oie hors ligne dans l'Emmental »
Experience the Ticino »
By boat on the lakes of the Jura »
Central Switzerland by scooter »
Scooter trips with huskies »
Scooter fun on the Zugerberg »
Spend the night in a cabin in Toggenburg »
Sensual Emmental »
A guided tour through the olive groves of the Ticino »
Tipi and archery romance »
Emmental experience and games »
A day trip by scooter »
In the tracks of Gotthelf's Mordiofuhrmann »
Cheeses in the Muotathal »
Hikingtour for Groups Berner Oberland »
Brunch on a coach »
E-Biketour Bodensee »
Organized barbecue in the forest with hike »
E-Mountainbiketour for beginners »
Guided single trail e-bike tour Emmental »
Kambly e-bike tour with sweets tasting »
Swiss food and culture in Interlaken »
City tour of Chur with a local menu »
The Tamina gorge close up »
Gotthelf - Discovery tour »
Smart car treasure hunt in the Ticino »
Firework fun »
Zoo tour with food in coral reef »
Ferrari and Aceto Balsamico »

Team building

Laughter workshop »
Conducting leaders, leading directors: conducting and leading in the orchestra »
Drumming and percussion »
Raft building and Aare river trip in Bern »
Build and race a go-cart »
Chain reaction »
Harmonica: In the team to the blues »
Teambuilding Bridge Building with Bambus »
Tricky tasks »
Domino workshop for team building or just for fun »
Team challenge seminar »
Mount Everest Challenge »
Nonverbal communication workshop »
Raft building in the Ticino »
Build your own vehicle out of cardboard »
Raft building on the Thunersee »
Survival in the wild »
GPS team orienteering »
Boat building as a team »
Build an large scale marble run outdoors »
Lama-Teambuildingevent »
Firewalking »
Fish! The motivation and sales seminar »
Playful communication strategies »
Culinary and Communication workshop »
Teambuilding - Teamchallenge Emmental »
Magic moments? How to enchant your customers »
Team experience in a climbing hall »
Trust and Team - Teambuilding »
Creative model cars »
Team fun in the recording studio »
Team building in a dragon boat »
Build your own vehicle »
Team building on Lake Zurich »
Body- and Smallpercussion »
Thought reading workshop »
Build a marshmallow tower »
Raft building on a mountain lake »
Rope bridge building »
Teamevent Paper Bridge »
Shaolin Kung Fu - How strong is your will? »
Blacksmith with your Team »
Teamwork in the dark »
Etiquette team challenge »
Mental training »
Outdoor training and reflection »
Team rowing »
A team experience of the circus world »
Flims rope adventure park »
Stress reduction workshop »
Leadership with husky dogs »
Team building and caving »
Griesalp exploration and seminar »
Build a go-cart with drive »
Take a virtual space flight with your team »
Creative team building with art »
Your Song - Your Team Song »
Learning from horses »
Teamspirit im 24er Ruderboot »
Lively intervals »
Playful sales training »
Team building: sailing »
Samba do Brasil – Percussion Workshop »
Teammeeting on the farm »
Sales and customer services training »
Forwards in rhythm together »
Reflecting on worshops and seminars »
Leading people and horses »
Build an large scale marble run outdoors »
X-Trail - Team exercises in lofty heights »
Presentation training »
Mental training through sport »

Cooking together

Pasta-workshop in winterthur »
Tapas workshop »
Pasta e basta »
Teamcooking Berne »
Cooking together on the fire »
Stadionführung mit Burgerworkshop in Bern »
Team cooking »
Team cooking in Basel »
Cook risotto or polenta - just like the Ticino do »
Mexican Team Cooking »
Cook with the professionals in Liestal »
Cooking in a team all inclusive »
Grillevent Zurich »
Team cooking: dessert creations »
Fun-Outdoorcooking for groups »
team cooking event berne »
BBQ grill course in the Bern area »
The cooking duel in Bern »
Team cooking in Solothurn »
grillworkshop firering »
Pizza event at the pizza expert »
Teamcooking with beer degustation »
Team cooking in central Switzerland »
Pasta-workshop Teamevent »
Fire cooking classes - Enjoyment from the fire kitchen »
Team cooking in a four star hotel »
Team cooking with senses alive »
Cook in a top hotel »
Pasta-Workshop mit Essen »
A sweet team experience »
Cooking misshapes instead of wasting them »
Team cooking Asian style »
Fondue over the fire on the river Aare »
Barbecue workshop »
Team cooking competition »
Team cooking in the Peruvian shepherd's oven »
Team cooking in Ticino »
Team cooking in Lucerne »
Bake and indulge »
Make your own Wallis specialities »
Urban fire cooking in Zurich and Berne »
Archaic fire cooking tour in the wilderness »
Sushi workshop »
Build a Korean oven and bake pizza »
Team cooking in Freienbach »
Sushi workshop under the guidance of true professionals »
Kitchenparty teamcooking Solothurn »
Candlelight Fire-Dinner »
Refined team cooking »
Teamcooking for large groups Zurich »
Barbecue contest »
Cooking art – works of art on the plate »
Dessert creations and a tatar's hat grill »
Cooking without borders »
Cooking over the fire at a traditional oven house »
Outdoor cooking Emmental »
Cooking workshop with wild herbs »
Grilling in Spiez »
Wild delicacies in a 5 course meal »
Fondue competition »
Baking cakes and lebkuchen »
kitchenparty in a hut cooking »
Wallis wine challenge and cooking duel »
Fire and flame – sophisticated cooking outdoors »
Indian cooking with a quiz »
Managers: cook for your employees »
Salami workshop »
Indian cooking adventure at lake Halwill Lucern »
Alsace up close »
Cooking in the Emmental countryside »
Team Cooking and Seminar »

Sport, fun and games

Virtual reality team experience with 4D effects »
Secret agent scavenger hunt »
Agent puzzles in Zurich - Treasurehunt »
With bow and arrow »
Krimidinnershow your detective team »
Hornussen and eat in the Emmental »
Swiss-Fun-Teamgames »
Emmental team games »
Truck pulling - all pull on the same rope »
Archery - Arrow and bow »
Car break-up in a team - carbashing »
Escape Game at the Hotel »
Curling fun event in Wallisellen »
Virtual Reality gaming experience »
Hotel-Golf in Winterthur with dinner »
Virtual reality team experience with 4D effects Berne »
Grouse hunting on big screen »
Westerngames mobile »
Bowling and an evening meal »
Curling in the middle of Bern christmas dinner »
dinner crime thriller »
Indoor agent hunting team game »
Curling-Christmasevent for groups Zurich »
Snowshoeing for fondue in the igloo near Davos »
Escape Room Switzerland »
Tablet Mind Dinner - fun at the table »
Fatboy-E-Scooter-Tour in the Töss Valley »
farming games »
Christmas Treasure Hunt »
clay pigeon shooting »
Citytour through Berne for groups »
Legoevent aperitiv for groups »
Virtual Reality ganze Schweiz »
Deadly Food - the puzzle game escape game »
Winter mini golf with mulled wine »
Three ways to shoot: bow, cross bow, blowpipe »
Swissness Tradition Groupevent »
Ice sticks hooting with dinermeal Zurich »
A magical mission using tablets »
Alpine games in central Switzerland »
Highland Games »
bow and arrow event for Groups »
Top of Zurich »
Vineyard games »
torch hike basel »
Ice shooting christmas event lucerne »
Escape Game: Submarine wreck and safe robbery »
Lotto with Otto »
Scotland Yard - the reality chase »
Beergames for groups »
Rustic sports in the Emmental »
Christmas Escape Game »
City Treasure Hunt Solothurn »
Pressing fruit juice »
The Art Robbery – Can Your Team Steal All the Sculptures? »
Bikeboards and burgers on the Klewenalp »
Professionals at work »
Escape Room Heidiland Bad Ragaz »
Indoor Skydiving »
Table football tournament »
Team quiz with great food »
Sommerevent for Groups around Berne »
Adventure Escape Room for Groups »
Dinner – Outdoor Escape Game »
Robinson Team Challenge »
Carpet curling - group event »
Fencing with a master »
Puzzle fun in the team - time is running out »
City Treasure Hunt Thun »
Crossbow Event Basel »
Christmas dinner with curling »
Escape Rooms and iPad-Treasurehunt Basel »
Fun and Farmerevent Berne »
City Treasure Hunt Burgdorf »
Discovery tour of Zurich West »
Crime Scene Old town of Bern »
Fun-Games Uetliberg »
Driving diggers and quadbikes »
Construction challenge with diggers »
Ice skating with dinner at Lake Zurich »
Escape Game – Adventure Room for Groups »
Chicken workshop - become a chicken tamer »
Farmergames Lucerne »
Thun-Games for Groups »
Gallier-Event Gurten Berne »
Games of skill and chance »
Tablet challenge by e-tuktuk »
Mysterious Gruyère »
Pétanques in the team »
Higlandgames for groups in Berne »
Clay pigeon shooting in the Emmental »
play hornet catching for groups »
Smartphone scavenger hunt in Central Switzerland »
Skating and raclette fun »
Archery with grill party »
table soccer box building with match »
St. Gallen City Game »
Scottish games »
Discover Zurich Zoo »
A game of croquet on the polo pitch »
Tablet tour – the digital paper(less) chase »
Bumperball – a soft and airy football game »
Swiss Museum of Transport Rally - exciting team event in Lucerne »
Driving fun with remote-controlled vehicles »
House running in the ski jump centre »
Airboarding on the ski jump slope »
Remote control model car racing »
Farming challenge in the Haslital »
Office golf »
Buzzerevent for the Dinner »
Pinballevent for groups »
Farm games on the farm at Lake Murten »
Pubgames - fun, inexpensive, simple »
Teamchallenge Pirate Curse »
Curling berne »
shoot clay pigeons groupevent »
Escape Game - the Infernal Machine »
Swiss Traditional Workshop »
Country Fun games for large groups berne »
A gourmet parcours at the asphalt mines of Travers »
Lugano trophy »
Riding Motocross »
Alpine team games in the Berner Oberland »
Parcours for the senses »
escape game teamgame »
Virtual Reality Adventure in Ticino »
Games and Barbecue Fun in the Nature Tent »
Teamgames around the world »
Bikeboarding in Chur »
Christmas tour with tablets »
Virtual Reality Cinema mobileReality Cinema mobile »
Bowling with dinner »
Appenzell games »
Swingolf and archery »
Moderated football tournament »
Team games outdoors »
Graubünden wine challenge »
Dinner and tablet quiz »
Solthurn Teamgames »
Pursuit - Urban Gaming im Team »
Balloon event with Super Mario »
Summer Challenge with barbecue fun »
Bowling, Billard, Darts and more »
Bike ride Luzern with picnic »
Hit the boss »
Alpine fun-event Graubünden »
Human Soccer Switzerland »
Rollingball Teambuilding »
Office-Safari - fungames in the office »
samurai workshop teamevent »
Sport Stacking Teamevent »
Juggling workshop »
Cycling tour Gotthardpass-Ticino »
Downhill fun in the Jura Fun Park »
Creative photography in western Switzerland »
Ski jump like a professional »
Inline skating taster »
Games without frontiers »
Zip wire in the Berner Oberland »
Unspunnen folklore extravaganza »
Business Teamchallenge for Companies »
Slot car racing »
Smugglers and border guards »
Photo fun in Interlaken »
Historic Groupgames for Dinner »
Travel back in time in the Greyerz Schloss »
Treasure hunt in the west of Switzerland »
Tablet sleuths – detectives in the city »
XXL Domino workshop for team building »
Sportliche Indoor-Plauschspiele »
Emmental school event in the past »
Funny games with food in Emmental »
Traditional Team Games Emmental »
Mountains, seminar, and indoor games »
Zip wire in Hoch-Ybrig »
Pleasurable hunting party with Games »
Downhill with a scooter-bike »
Gurten Games - Gurtenpark Berne »
Curling for groups »
Helicopter taster flight »
Rolling down the mountain »
Bockerl racing – downhill on a sledge with wheels »
Mountain top games »
Appenzell traditions »
Boda Borg - Adventure games in a team »
Swiss alpine games »
Inline boarding for young and old »
visit the swiss folk musik producer emmental »
Victoria Team-Challenge »
Children's fun for a family day »
Ground game »
Emmental Crimea Dinner »
Football Golf 9-Hole »

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