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Parcours for the senses

Parcours for the senses
Parcours for the senses
Parcours for the senses
Hear, feel, smell, taste, see - this course tickles, invigorates and sharpens your senses in a playful way.

Who has the keenest senses?

The sensory trail offers you and your team an experience, relaxation and challenge at the same time. Six stations are available for you to test all your senses in a stimulating way. Concentration, coordination and communication are required when it comes to what you hear, touch, smell, taste and see. You will go through the different stations in groups. At the end, the team with the sharpest senses is chosen and rewarded with a prize.

The sensory challenges

  • keys, tactile perception with the skin. Barefoot course: Explore the different surfaces, which are completed barefoot. Can you recognize the differences between bark, fir cones, sand, straw and sawdust? Wooden chest: Here we have drilled 5 different holes into a wooden chest. By touching them with your hands you can guess the different materials. Attention: all are very similar and it is not so easy to feel the subtle differences.
  • Seeing, the visual perception with the eyes. Drinks: Are you fooled when suddenly known drinks have a different colour? Board: On our big board seven different colours are written down, which have to be read out loud as soon as possible. But be careful: The written texts have different colours, i.e. you quickly say "green" to the yellow colour just because the text is green. There is always a lot to laugh here.
  • hearing, the auditory perception with the ears. With the noise memory you can prove how good your team hearing is.
  • smell, the olfactory perception with your nose. Ten different scents from fir to lily of the valley stimulate the imagination.
  • Tasting, the olfactory perception with the tongue. Everybody knows spice herbs - that's what you think. But do you recognize them even blindfolded? How do maggi herbs, coriander etc. taste in the mouth?
  • The sense of balance serves to determine posture and orientation in space. In a fun way, the sense of balance is tested by means of a pedal. Show how fast you can cover the course with this fun device.
  • Witty questionnaire about the different senses of the human being. A lot of interesting information is included here.
  • Blind Square: Here the participants see nothing and have to create a house or square with a mountain of rope in a given time.
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    A feast for the senses with a fine meal

    To enjoy a fine meal with such stimulated senses is a real pleasure. Let us spoil you with culinary delights, whether in Adelboden or Säriswil near Bern, the main locations for the Sensory Trail, or at another location in Switzerland. The Sensory Trail can be run regardless of the weather, it works well in a hall, barn or other large room.

Size of group

15 to 150 people


from 1 h


all year round


All of Switzerland



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
up to 18 persons 1'300.00  flat-rate
from 19 pers. 70.00  /pers.
from 29 pers. 65.00  /pers.
from 39 pers. 60.00  /pers.
from 49 pers. 55.00  /pers.
from 59 - 150 persons on demand

Included in the price

-   Organization and moderation
-   Six supervised sensory posts
-   Award ceremony and prize for winning team
-   Photos of the event on CD
-   Travel costs to you

Not included

-   Possible space or room rental

Optional extras

-   After the sensory course: Relaxation lesson on reindeer skins
-   Combination with the sensory trail: Farmers' Olympics or hiking

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Customers' views on this offer

Andreas Gurtner


Es hat alles bestens geklappt und das Programm hat sehr guten Anklang gefunden.

Yolanda Beck, LIPO Einrichtungsmärkte AG


Alle Mitarbeiter fanden den Event einen vollen Erfolg. Wir werden wieder lange über diesen sehr lustigen Abend sprechen. :-)

Dinah Leuenberger, CPM Switzerland AG


Der Event war ein voller Erfolg! Bereits die Planung mit lief einwandfrei ab und auch der Event hätte nicht besser geplant sein können. Alles war super vorbereitet und das Team war trotzdem flexibel und hat sich unserem Zeitplan angepasst. Die Kursteilnehmer hatten alle viel Spass. Würde ich wieder buchen!

Claudia Sturzenegger, GSR Gehörlosen und Sprachheilschule Riehen


Ja, alles hat wunderbar geklappt und mit dem Veranstalter konnte ich für unser Team einen sehr unterhaltsamen und anregenden Teamtag umsetzten.
Vielen Dank für die Nachfrage. Ich werde Ihre Angebote auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!

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