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Team Events arranges company outings and events for small and large companies throughout Switzerland. Plan directly with the organizer.

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Scooter fun on the Zugerberg

Scooter fun on the Zugerberg
Scooter fun on the Zugerberg
Scooter fun on the Zugerberg
On this tour you discover the Zugerberg on a rolling road, enjoy great views and have a lot of fun.

Holidays from everyday life

Would you and your team like to get away from the daily routine, spend a few hours outside and discover a region of Switzerland at the same time? The scooter tour is ideal for companies, but also for private groups and clubs. The experience is combined with a great supporting programme, such as a visit to a brewery or a barbecue.

Procedure and safety

You travel by public transport from Zug to the Zugerberg, where you will be welcomed by an experienced guide. He or she will give you a few safety instructions along the way, then each participant will be equipped with a helmet - and off you go: A scooter will take you down into the valley. On the way you will enjoy a magnificent panorama.

The supporting programme

Combine the Trotti-Plausch with one of the following supporting programmes:

  • Höllgrotten Baar - discover a unique stalactite cave (entrance fee: 11 CHF/person and organisation package 10-30 CHF/package):
    1 guide up to 12 pers.: 220 CHF all-inclusive
    2 guides up to 24 pers.: 440 CHF flat rate
    3 guides up to 36 persons: 660 CHF flat rate

    Up to 20 pers.: 320 CHF flat rate
    21 to 40 persons: 550 CHF flat rate
    41 to 60 persons: 820 CHF flat rate

  • Roll to Zug and then along Lake Zug to the renowned Etter cherry distillery and discover the world of fruit brandies here (prices on request)

  • Enjoy an aperitif after the departure (from 55 CHF/pers.).


Size of group

10 to 70 people


from 1 h


April till October


Zug, Zugerberg Distanz show map


French, English, German

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
Zugerberg - Zug
up to 10 pers. 250.00  flat-rate
11 - 20 pers. 25.00  /pers.
21 - 40 pers. 22.00  /pers.
from 41 pers. 20.00  /pers.
Zugerberg - Höllgrotten - Zug
up to 10 pers. 380.00  flat-rate
11 - 20 pers. 35.00  /pers.
21 - 40 pers. 32.00  /pers.
from 41 pers. 30.00  flat-rate
Transport costs to the Zugerberg
depending on subscription approx. 8.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Transport of the scooters
-   Hire of scooters and a helmet
-   On-site support

Not included

-   outward and return journey
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