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Presentation training

Presentation training
Presentation training
Presentation training
Communicate more fascinatingly and present more effectively - this is what you learn in this seminar from a communication trainer and magician.

Refined and effective presentation

In today's professional world, anyone who wants to convince other people of ideas, concepts or strategies or sells services or products is faced with multiple challenges:
On the one hand, increasingly dynamic presentations are expected from customers and on the executive floor. On the other hand, the ability to communicate in a targeted manner is becoming increasingly important. And last but not least, today it is very often also a question of establishing an even closer relationship with the discussion partners and listeners.
Topics such as "personal appearance competence", "first impression" and "ability to fascinate" are - in addition to above-average professional competence - decisive success factors at every level.
The art of convincing and inspiring listeners and picking them up in their world of thoughts can be learned. Using fascinating magic and his many years of experience, one of the most successful magicians in Switzerland uses effective presentation, communication and motivation techniques in his workshops, coaching and training sessions, and trains these techniques with the participants using exciting case studies and magic tricks and exercises.


Learning a more effective presentation technique based on:

  • Simple, refined magic routine
    Learning of trick techniques, adapted to the strengths of the participants
  • Training of exceptional, presentation aspects
    - Timing, distraction, amazement
    - Skill
    - humor, etc.
  • Practicing the classic presentation rules and
    general presentation laws
  • The Human Operating System: Introduction to the three-dimensional typology (Actional-Rational-Emotional)

Size of group

1 to 12 people


from 1/2 day


all year round


All of Switzerland, Germany and Austria



Costs [CHF]

Short training (half day) from 3'500.00  flat-rate
One-day training 4'000.00  flat-rate
2 day training 7'000.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Required props
-   Training by qualified trainers
-   Extensive training documentation

Not included

-   Adapting the training to your needs
-   Room rental
-   food and drink
-   Approach

Optional extras

-   Active lecture on the art of presentation for large groups
-   Training in your company possible
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