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Games of skill and chance

Games of skill and chance
Games of skill and chance
Games of skill and chance
When was the last time you really played? Pitch yourself against each other in teams and try out your luck and your skills.

Fun and relaxation

Wouldn't you like to get away from the daily grind, the office and the world of electronic devices for a few hours? Are you looking for a varied activity to fill a break during a seminar? Would you like your firm's party to end with a whole lot of fun and excitement? The chance to play allows you to take life less seriously, get closer to each other, and relax. The supervised casino can include blackjack, team or individual games, and can be set up specially to suit your requirements.

Play with that casino feeling

You can play in small teams or as individuals. Each person gets the same start-up capital in the form of gambling chips, and you then play for more of these tokens. "Place your bets please!" comes the cry, as you agree on the sum with your opponents. Whoever wins the game, gets the chips. At the blackjack table you get a real casino feeling: which card will revealed? Close enough to 21? Too high? The bet is lost... or won? The tension rises... and now the game is decided! The bets are counted, the winner announced.

Wooden games without gambling

You can focus on skills, reactions, and speed instead of luck by swapping the casino with its bets and blackjack table for a freer kind of play with wooden games or, even better, combining the two. Put a programme together to suit your interests and mood, and spend a few carefree hours with the help of a qualified team of animators.

Size of group

10 to 500 people


from 1 h


all year round


Throughout Switzerland


German, French, English

Costs [CHF]

Blackjack table and
5 games 650.00  flat-rate
10 games 900.00  flat-rate
15 games 1'150.00  flat-rate
20 games 1'400.00  flat-rate
Costs per animator
first 3 hours 250.00  flat-rate
each additional hour 40.00  flat-rate
Free non-competitive games
5 games 250.00  flat-rate
10 games 500.00  flat-rate
15 games 750.00  flat-rate
20 games 1'000.00  flat-rate
Transport costs
up to 10 games (per km) 1.50  flat-rate
15 games and more (per km) 1.80  flat-rate
Inflatable tent
rental 500.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Travel and set-up
-   Moderation of the whole event
-   Qualified animators

Optional extras

-   Winners' prizes

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Customers' views on this offer

Sandra Wüthrich, Renggli AG


Wir hatten einen lässigen, unkomplizierten Abend mit dem Spielteam.
Alle hatten Spass an den Holzspielen und dem Zocken an den Spieltischen. Auch für grosse Gruppen geeignet.

Alberto Russo, MRW Event GmbH


Frau Märkli hat Ihre Arbeit hervorragend gemeistert. Die Gäste fühlten sich sehr wohl und hatten viel Spass!

Fabienne Rognon, Stadt Winterthur, Soziale Dienste


Die Zusammenarbeit mit der Verantwortlichen verlief sehr unkompliziert und wir sind rundum zufrieden. Das Konzept hat sich auch für einen Anlass mit 180 Personen bewährt.

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