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Team building in a dragon boat

Team building in a dragon boat
Team building in a dragon boat
Team building in a dragon boat
Team building in a dragon boat
Team building in a dragon boat
Dragon boat racing is highly motivating and great at connecting individuals. The programme is suitable for both new and existing teams.

From team to dream team

First comes a brief introduction to the rituals and values associated with the dragon boat, which lends itself to team development like nothing else. Every man and woman can master the different roles, and leadership strengths, communication, team abilities, and determination are clear to see. Once the goals are agreed, the teams are chosen by lots or choice.

The coaches accompany the teams in their formation phase, deal with any conflicts and establish rules in order to provide constructive assistance to the participants during the phases of reflection.

Onto the water

The best part of the work is on water. Now it is important for every participant to be able to deal quickly with diverse challenges and at the same time find their place in the team. Whether team member or leader, everyone is challenged to concentrate on the common goal and tolerate each others' mistakes. This quickly creates an atmosphere of trust and honesty in the service of a common goal.

Afterwards the participants analyse the feelings and experiences engendered by the move from self to team. These factors often have a powerful unconscious effects on our complex everyday lives, and the boat and the team offer manageable ways of promoting self-knowledge, showing the interaction of different effects, and motivating people to embrace change.

With the knowledge gained from the reflection, the teams prepare to race against each other. You experience the sense of motivation first hand and feel the adrenalin that your body pours into the race. It quickly becomes clear who has found the best ways to lead and work together. Everyone who has experienced the power of the collective is a winner!

In the last part, the participants reflect on the process as a whole: from the agreement of the goals to their achievement. The point is to learn clear and simple lessons from the findings and go on to apply them in everyday life.

Size of group

21 to 250 people


1/2 day


all year round


Ganze Schweiz


German, French, English, Italian

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
from 21 pers. 220.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Boat and equipment
-   Introduction to techniques and tactics
-   First steps into the team, leadership, and communication
-   Accompaniment and instruction by experienced athlete and team builder

Not included

-   Return travel costs
-   Refreshments

Optional extras

-   Barbecue (CHF 75.00 per person) Meat, accompaniments, salad, dessert, coffee/tea, mineral water
  • Happy Landing Cocktail (CHF 25.00 per person) Orange juice, fruits, bread, cheeses/meats

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Customers' views on this offer

Kurt Müller, FC Lenzburg


Der Event war für mich und meine Mannschaft eine sehr positive Erfahrung. Am Schluss hatten auch die Skeptiker ein "Lächeln auf dem Gesicht"! Und dies trotz eher kalten Temperaturen.
Für mich als Trainer war es spannend zu sehen (ich war hinten im Boot plaziert), wie die Körpersprache im Boot jedes Einzelnen, der auf dem Fussballplatz sehr ähnlich war.
Auch die "Hirarchien" und deren Akzeptanz untereinander waren ein wichtiges Element, das so als "Nebenprodukt" entstand.
Durch die speziellen "Örtlichkeiten" (Boot auf dem Wasser) konnte sich auch keiner "verstecken"!
Es gäbe noch einiges zu berichten.
Resultatmässig hat es sich beim ersten Spiel, nach dem Drachenbooterlebnis, auf jeden Fall positiv ausgewirkt. Natürlich nicht nur auf Grund dieses gemeinsamen Events. Aber es war sicher eine "Hilfe" zur Weiterentwicklung" des Teams.
Vor dem Spiel (manchmal auch im Training) errinnern wir uns mit: "Are you ready? YES! GOOOOOO!
Wichtig zu erwähnen ist die "Person Urs". Er hat es verstanden, diese Art der Teambildung "rüberzubringen".
Für weitere Auskünfte stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.
Nomal beschtä Dank und ä guäti Zit.

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