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The Art Robbery – Can Your Team Steal All the Sculptures?

The Art Robbery – Can Your Team Steal All the Sculptures?
The Art Robbery – Can Your Team Steal All the Sculptures?
The Art Robbery – Can Your Team Steal All the Sculptures?
Two exciting escape games are at your disposal in Zurich. Solve tricky puzzles, overcome an alarm system or defeat a dragon.

The further development of the escape games

The escape games are an exciting group fun in which two to six people per room can play. Here the escape room becomes an adventure in which the participants are the heroes and heroines of history. You can choose between two stories or two rooms. Each story lasts about an hour and is ideal for team outings.

The art robbery - crime scene museum

The story is set in a small town art museum. At midnight thieves intrude. They outwit the alarm systems and steal art worth millions. You are the thieves! Will you manage to get away with the loot? Or will the guard catch you and all of you end up in jail? Try and find out. The story plays in a small museum, carefully decorated by an artist. After being briefed, the participants have to break into the museum. They have to overcome laser and infrared traps to steal the works of art without alarming the guard.

The last magician

A dragon from ancient times has awakened and threatens the inhabitants of the country. He has already torched a village, and only with luck have all the villagers survived the attack. Their team is the last hope in the fight against the dragon. Use your magic wand to find out how to make animals speak and open doors with the magic wand. Can you defeat the monster or will the whole land go up in flames?

Size of group

2 to 12 people


around 1.5 h


all year round


Zurich Distanz show map


German, English

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Per game
2 pers. 65.00  /pers.
3 pers. 50.00  /pers.
4 pers. 45.00  /pers.
5 pers. 42.00  /pers.
upt to 6 pers. 40.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Coach
-   room rent
-   Performance (Duration per game: 60 minutes)
-   Digital photos

Not included

-   Transport to and from the venue

Optional extras

-   Getränke

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Escape games with different rooms

Escape games with different rooms

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Escape Game: Submarine wreck and safe robbery

Escape Game: Submarine wreck and safe robbery

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Customers' views on this offer

Nicole Leimgruber, FLYERALARM GmbH


Wir hatten sehr viel Spass, es war ein super Anlass für ein Team-Event. Einziger Kritikpunkt meiner Seits (hatte schön öfters Escape Rooms besucht) Es dürfte ein Hauch kniffliger sein :-) Dafür aber der 4 Code vom Kunstraub etwas logischer erarbeitbar.

Myriam Bauder, Planzer Informatik AG


Der Event hat uns sehr gut gefallen, und wir können Ihn nur weiterempfehlen. Wir werden den zweiten Teil (Drachen) bestimmt auch noch besuchen. Sie haben ein tolles Team, sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend. Und wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bedanken für alles.

Alessio Princigalli, PluSport Behindertensport Schweiz


Toller Team-Event mit Oceans 11 Charakter

Robert Schär, Allianz


Unterhaltsam, spannend und kurzweilig. Toller Event für alle Möchtegern-Diebe.

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