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Samba do Brasil – Percussion Workshop

Samba do Brasil – Percussion Workshop
Samba do Brasil – Percussion Workshop
Samba do Brasil – Percussion Workshop
Create a percussion song from scratch with your whole team using a variety of instruments – in just a couple of hours.

The musical language of the Sambistas

Invite your team to dive into a unique experience of percussion, song and movement. We will take you on an adventure to Brazil, into a different culture, and within a couple of hours, your team will be speaking the musical language of the Sambistas from Rio de Janeiro.

Different instruments, a single language

In smaller groups, participants will learn a different Samba instrument each on which they will practise a specific part of the percussion song. The groups then come together for the big jam – and everybody is wondering, will the different parts go together? The first group is called to start, and gradually the different instruments layer their rhythms on top of each other until an irresistible company groove fills the room. The singing added at the end creates a beautiful tapestry of sounds that lifts even the most reserved participants into a collective experience of joy.

Music strengthens the team spirit

In the workshop, the precisely arranged groups of instruments build a «Samba Batucada», which in many ways reflects the complex interactions between people and teams in a company. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to experience your team in a new way. Moving beyond communication with words, you will witness the interplay between different voices drumming and singing, each contributing to a harmonious whole and captivating performance.


Size of group

20 to 150 people


2-3 h


all year round


Across Switzerland


German, French, English, Italian

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
20 - 100 participants 2'500.00  flat-rate
101 - 150 participants 3'800.00  flat-rate
Samba equipment 20.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Two qualified Music Coaches (three Coaches for groups above 101 participants)
-   Provision of a variety of percussion instruments for all participants
-   Transport of the required materials within 100km from Zurich

Optional extras

-   Full-day events
-   Inclusion of Samba dance elements (taught by a Samba Dance Teacher)

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Customers' views on this offer

Maria Amani, F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.


A brilliant, electrifying and high energy event. It was an unforgettable experience which has definitely left us with a buzz!
The Coach was fantastic in what they are doing. Very inspiring, well organized and highly motivated. Everyone enjoyed the SAMBA dancing part with the Brazilian teacher. Her performance was marvelous.
Many came away saying how much they enjoyed it. Even if it pushed some people outside of their comfort zones but it was amazing how a group of people who never tried this sort of thing before, can get together to make music.
We highly recommend trying this if you are interested in Samba vibes and playing together music. Thank you to the wonderful Samba-Team, you have made our team event a great day to remember.

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