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Team Events arranges excursions for companies throughout Switzerland.

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grillworkshop firering
grillworkshop firering
grillworkshop firering
grillworkshop firering
grillworkshop firering
grillworkshop firering
grillworkshop firering
grillworkshop firering
grillworkshop firering
grillworkshop firering
Learn from the grill master on the grill ring to prepare a fine meal with all the trimmings and then enjoy it afterwards.

Cooking together on the grill

Cook your favourite dish as a team! Not on the stove, however, but on a wood-fired grill ring. You can prepare all kinds of things on it. The grill master will show you how to do it. You have the choice between two variations of the culinary adventure:

  • Budget: Barbecue fun with cheap ingredients such as sausages (possibly home-made in the sausage workshop), pork steak, fried potatoes, vegetables, eggs and bread.

  • Premium: Multi-course gourmet grilling with fine cuts such as beef hoof, loin of ear, veal chops etc. with rösti, mushrooms, eggs, bread and much more from the grill and with wine tasting per course.

This is how the ring barbecue works

During a pleasant aperitif, the grill master will explain the special features of the grill ring to you and discuss the menu and its preparation with you. Each and every one of you will be given a task, then we will cut up and roast together. Soon it will sizzle and smell, and then you can already enjoy the prepared food.

"Flying Dinner" from the grill

For groups of more than 16 people you can book a "flying dinner" where the grill master prepares all the food for you. You then simply take your plate to the grill ring and choose from the delicacies what your heart desires. The grill event can be held at the location of your choice.

Size of group

8 to 16 people


from 3 h


all year round


Whole of German-speaking Switzerland Distanz show map



Costs [CHF]

incl. 8.1% VAT
Grill fun "Budget"
Up to 8 pers. 600.00  flat-rate
From 9 pers. 65.00  /pers.
Gourmet Grills "Premium"
Up to 8 pers. 960.00  flat-rate
From 9 pers. 100.00  /pers.
"Flying Dinner" by the grill master
From 16 pers. onwards 65.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   "Premium" with alcoholic beverages
-   "Budget" without alk. Drinks (except aperitifs)
-   Journey of the grill master to 50 km

Not included

-   Possible rent of a restaurant
-   Booze. Drinks at the barbecue fun "Budget

Optional extras

-   Organization of a restaurant
-   Previous sausage workshop

Customers' views on this offer

Hans-Jörg Bütler, Die Schweizerische Post AG


Wir können den Event und die Betreuung durch den Metzger ohne Einschränkungen empfehlen. Es war ein rundum gut organisierter Abend mit ausgezeichnetem Essen. Auch der Sonderwunsch zur Berücksichtigung von einzelnen Allergien (Gluten) wurde zur vollsten Zufriedenheit umgesetzt.
Auf zwei Feuerringen wurden uns ein abwechslungsreicher Apéro und ein mehrgängiges Hauptmenu zubereitet. Die Fleischstücke waren alle von ausgezeichneter Qualität, wie auch die Beilagen.

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