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Crime Trail: Solve the crime

Crime Trail: Solve the crime
Crime Trail: Solve the crime
Crime Trail: Solve the crime
Embark on an exciting search for clues in the city of your choice and solve a tricky criminal case.

Thriller pass in your favourite city

From Aarau to Neuchâtel to Winterthur: in every city in Switzerland there is a mysterious criminal case to be solved. Decide on a location and then delve into the crime file of the corresponding city with your team. You will learn everything about the (fictitious) case, the crime scene and the evidence found, as well as about the suspects and their places of residence, work and leisure. In an order to be determined by yourself, you will now go to the different locations. There you will receive further clues that will allow you to exclude suspects and track down the guilty party or parties.

The solution of the case

Do you know who the killer was? Then enter the name of the person in question on a website provided for this purpose. You will also need an arrest warrant code, which you received with the crime file. Now you will find out immediately whether you have solved the case correctly. Afterwards, celebrate with your team your common criminalistic intuition.

Every city has its case

Choose your crime trail by location or case:

  • Aarau: Murder in the Old Town
  • Baden: Murder of real estate manager
  • Basel: Murder near the cathedral
  • Bern (indoor): Crime scene Westside
  • Bern: Murder in the Von Werdt Passage
  • Biel: Diamond watch stolen
  • Bremgarten (AG): The emergency call
  • Brig: Burglary on Bahnhofstrasse
  • Burgdorf: Charred Luginbühl sculptures
  • Chur: Murder in the Alpine town
  • Estavayer: The murder of a journalist
  • Freiburg: An unsolved murder case
  • Ittigen: Burglary at the House of Sport
  • Liestal: murder of a policeman
  • Lucerne: murder near Vögelipark
  • Menziken: The Firebug
  • Murten: Bank robbery in the old town
  • Neuenburg: The mysterious fall
  • Olten: The art robbery
  • Rapperswil-Jona: Deadly fall from the balcony
  • Rheinfelden: Man overboard
  • Sarnen: The series of thefts
  • Schaffhausen: Burglary in the old town
  • Solothurn: Gold statues stolen from the cathedral treasury
  • Sursee: The kidnapping
  • Thun: Vanished without a trace
  • Unterkulm: The apothecary case
  • Weinfelden: Son of a wine baron murdered?
  • Willisau: The gold washer
  • Winterthur: Fall of death near the rose garden
  • >>ul>

Size of group

2 to 50 people


from 2 h


all year round


All of Switzerland



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Crime Trail
Game per 5 pers. 25.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Thriller file with game instructions
-   Criminal case in your desired city
-   Arrest warrant code

Not included

-   outward and return journey
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