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Team rowing

Team rowing
Team rowing
Team rowing
Row through the relaxing and activating nature and become part of a well-rehearsed team with every stroke.

From the group to the team

At the beginning you can expect a short "empathy" on the technique and values of rowing as a sport and as a metaphor for teamwork and leadership. Afterwards, the teams will be divided by lot or as desired.

Then it's onto the water. For reasons of group dynamics, the coach is not in the same boat. On the way from the group to the team you will face a variety of challenges: Conflict with yourself and the unit, determining leaders, developing communication and command, tolerance for your own and others' mistakes. In the process, an atmosphere of trust and honesty is created very quickly in the sense of achieving common goals.

Afterwards we reflect and work out the feelings and experiences during the process from self to team. These are the same functions and feelings that often control us unconsciously in complex everyday life. However, the boat as a manageable structure shows the consequence of one's own actions very directly.

The race

With tips and experience from competitive sports, the teams prepare for the race. Experience fun and feel the adrenaline your body releases in competition. It quickly becomes apparent who has found the best ways to be a team player and leader. The winners are those who experience the power of togetherness.

And more?

Rowing as a team can be extended to a one or two day event.

From Team to Dream Team, is the objective of further Auabau levels. The topics are: "From participation to active, risk-taking team member", "From trust to absolute confidence even in the face of mistakes" and "From common goal to common dream".

The rowing in a team programme clearly differs in methodology, effect and expansion possibilities from rowing events or company rowing etc. as offered by rowing clubs.

Size of group

10 to 25 people


Swimming skills


from 1 day


March till November


Steckborn Lake Constance Distanz show map


German, English, französisch auf Absprache

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
up to 10 pers. 1'400.00  flat-rate
up to 15 pers. 1'550.00  flat-rate
up to 20 pers. 1'700.00  flat-rate
up to 25 pers. 1'850.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Pre-project meeting to define the objectives
-   Planning and implementation
-   Boat and room rental

Not included

-   Travel and accommodation expenses of the trainers for one-day or two-day events
-   Catering for the participants

Optional extras

-   Catering and accommodation

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Customers' views on this offer

Stefan Batt, Interkant. Rückversicherungverband


Der Team-Event mit dem Rudertrainer auf dem Wohlensee wird allen Teilnehmern in sehr guter Erinnerung bleiben. Erstaunlich, wieviel wir alle für unser Berufs- und Privatleben mitnehmen konnten. Der Coach hat uns in eindrücklicher Manier durch den Nachmittag geführt, wir danken ganz herzlich!

Franziska Kaiser, Unique Flughafen Zürich AG


Unser Team hat einen super Tag gemeinsam verlebt. Das Event entsprach genau unseren Erwartungen und wird allen sicher noch lange in Erinnerung bleiben. Für Teams mit ähnlicher Grösse (ca. 10 Personen) kann diese Veranstaltung nur empfohlen werden.

Verena Wicki, FABIA Fachstelle Beratung und Integration von Ausländerinnen und Ausländern


Der Teambuildings-Anlass wurde im Team grundsätzlich sehr gut aufgenommen und alle hatten auch grossen Spass dabei. Die Team-Mitglieder haben die Idee sehr gut verstanden und es entstanden viele Bezüge zu unserem praktischen Tun, das wir gut in den folgenden Evaluationstag übertragen konnten. Auch meldeten die ganz Skeptischen einen positiven Tag zurück. Begrüsst wurde, dass nicht zu sehr "psychologisiert" wurde und doch vieles über das konkrete Erleben angesprochen wurde, was sehr relevant ist für die Teambildung.

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