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Tabletgame The last Secret of Albert Einstein

Tabletgame The last Secret of Albert Einstein
Tabletgame The last Secret of Albert Einstein
Tabletgame The last Secret of Albert Einstein
When Albert Einstein died, he left behind a secret that is still unveiled today. Will you and your team be able to decipher his clues and find the hidden treasure?

Virtual journey into the past

Albert Einstein died in 1955, leaving behind several clues and tools that will allow you to unravel his last secret. One of these tools is a compass, which must be calibrated with EINPAD at the beginning of the game. Once this is done, you and your team can follow the compass needle and let the EINPAD navigate you through the game. On the way to Einstein's last secret, numerous puzzles and tasks await you. You can only solve them as a team, and only a team can win!

Which team will reveal the secret?

At the end of your mysterious journey into the past of Albert Einstein, the last and most important task is about to begin: opening the secret treasure chest. What is waiting for you in it will of course not be revealed here! The winning team will be duly celebrated, and the game master will immortalise you and your resourceful colleagues in group photos.

Customizable gaming experience

The tablet game around Einstein's last secret can be played at any location. You can celebrate the end of the treasure hunt in a restaurant, a bar or even in your company. The game itself also offers numerous possibilities for individualization. Let us advise you.

Size of group

5 to 50 people


around 2 h


all year round


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German, French, English

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Tablet game
Up to 10 pers. 690.00  flat-rate
11-20 pers. 64.00  /pers.
21-35 pers. 59.00  /pers.
36-50 pers. 54.00  /pers.
Directions from Zurich
Per hour 50.00  flat-rate
Per km 0.76  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Tablet with Einstein game
-   Game variant "Augmented reality"
-   Winner's trophy

Not included

-   Research Restaurant or similar
-   food and drink

Optional extras

-   Individualisation of the game (+ CHF 189.00)

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Social Distancing


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Enjoy yourself with funny games. The subsequent barbecue or raclette feast will strengthen the team spirit even more. »

10 - 60 people
from CHF 40.00 per person
all year round
Reinach or whole Switzerland
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