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Team Events
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Team Events arranges excursions for companies throughout Switzerland.

Creative model cars

Creative model cars
Creative model cars
Creative model cars
As a team, build an air-powered vehicle that overtakes all others on the test track. Ideal as a seminar diversion.

Creative Intermezzo

In this workshop you will create a small vehicle powered by air from a variety of materials. Each team will receive a toolbox with objects, tools and gadgets that can be used to build the vehicle. On request and after consultation, company-specific objects and products can also be included. The programme promotes team spirit and creativity, is fun, offers pleasant excitement and is therefore the perfect way to loosen up before, after or during a seminar.

Great teamwork

You have 40 minutes to build a small vehicle with your group, which is not powered by electricity or an internal combustion engine, but by one or more balloons. Under expert guidance, functions are distributed and questions are clarified. Who is the technical manager for the drive? Who tests the rolling stock? Does it perhaps even need someone to coordinate the entire project? Who organises test and prototype phases? How much time is planned for fine tuning?

The grand finale

Time's up, the big final race is coming up. Now it will be shown which vehicle drives how well and what it looks like. In parallel runs the vehicles compete against each other. There is also a hope race, so there will be fun and excitement until the award ceremony. The event can be held anywhere in Switzerland, both indoors and outdoors, from seminar rooms to forest huts.

Size of group

5 to 300 people


from 1 h


all year round


All of Switzerland


German, French, English

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Basic costs 1'500.00  flat-rate
plus per person participating 12.00  /pers.
Travel expenses per km on demand

Included in the price

-   Preliminary discussion by telephone
-   Consumables
-   Support and moderation
-   Travel expenses of the coach
-   Winning prizes

Not included

-   Rent of premises

Optional extras

Additional input block:
-   Motivation (1h): 1000 CHF
-   Innovation (1h): 1000 CHF

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Customers' views on this offer

Barbara Haslach, Hoval AG


250 individuelle Teilnehmer mit einem Teamevent an Bord zu holen, ist nicht immer einfach. Das Eventteam hat es geschafft, den Ehrgeiz in unseren 250 Teilnehmern so zu wecken, dass alle höchst konzentriert gearbeitet haben und um den Sieg kämpfen wollten. Alle waren begeistert von dieser Aktivität! Herzlichen Dank und grosses Kompliment - tolle, unkomplizierte Idee!

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