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Team Events arranges company outings and events for small and large companies throughout Switzerland. Plan directly with the organizer.

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More beautiful workplaces - we are converting

More beautiful workplaces - we are converting
More beautiful workplaces - we are converting
More beautiful workplaces - we are converting
Under expert guidance, you will bring power, colour and life into your work spaces and thus also into your everyday life and your team.

Fresh wind for workplaces and teams

How chaotic or tidy does it look in your workrooms? How dreary or invigorating do the corridors look? Do your plants lead a shadowy existence or do they sparkle with strength? Is your office a power place or can it need fresh impulses and new energy? In this tidying up seminar you will learn how you can transform your environment into pleasant, inspiring and team spirit-promoting workplaces with simple means.

Preparation of the workshop

The remodelling takes place directly on site under expert guidance. To ensure that the workshop can be optimally adapted to your workplace and team, the course leader will ideally visit you or your workplace before the event.

Contents and duration of the workshop

These are some of the topics that will be discussed in depth in the workshop:

  • How to sit correctly? Basic rules of ergonomics >li> Putting workplaces in the right light >li> Grey office routine? This is how colour works in working life.
  • Plants are more than just green decoration.
  • Small differences with a big effect

You can book the coaching for redesigning your office as a half-day or one-day seminar.

Size of group

8 to 50 people


from 1/2 day


all year round


Whole of Switzerland and neighbouring countries



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Half-day seminar
Up to 10 pers. 1'200.00  flat-rate
From 11 pers. on demand
One-day seminar
Up to 10 pers. 1'900.00  flat-rate
From 11 pers. on demand

Included in the price

-   Seminar documentation
-   Coaching with your team

Not included

-   Room rental
-   outward and return journey
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