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Cocktail workshop in Lucerne or Zug

Cocktail workshop in Lucerne or Zug
Cocktail workshop in Lucerne or Zug
Cocktail workshop in Lucerne or Zug
Let us introduce you to the colourful and fruity world of cocktail mixing and create your own drink as a team.

Learn to shake like the pros

Have you always wanted to know what the secret of fine cocktails is? Would you like to be able to handle the shaker like a bartender yourself and surprise your guests with fine drinks at the next party? In this workshop you will get an insight into the colourful world of mixed drinks. You will become familiar with shaker utensils, spirits, juices and garnishes and learn how to mix and decorate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks yourself. Last but not least, you will create your own drink with your team, which will then be judged by a jury.

The theory

Before you start shaking what the shaker can hold, you will receive an exciting material and product explanation, thanks to which you will later be able to independently prepare drinks according to recipes. By the way, you will not only receive the recipes for remixing electronically, but also the photos that will be taken during the event. After dividing your group into smaller teams of 7 to 15 participants, the cocktail professional will introduce you to the most important spirits, juices and utensils. Then it's on to the essence, the art of cocktail mixing itself. Finally, the workshop leader will give you a few tips and tricks for creating the garnishes.

The practice

Now you can get hands-on yourself. Based on what you have just learned and the recipes, you will practice handling the shaker, mix five alcoholic and three non-alcoholic drinks and make the matching garnishes. Every participant is involved in these activities, real teamwork is required. Of course, each drink must also be tasted.

The competition

Team coordination is also required for the competition that follows. Each group must create its own alcoholic drink, invent a garnish and finally come up with an original name. The creations will then be judged by a panel of judges on their appearance, taste and practicality. The winning team will be awarded with a bottle of champagne to take home. Cheers!
The workshop can also be used well between the end of a seminar and dinner at the hotel or conference centre, or as an icebreaker.

Size of group

15 to 50 people


around 2 h


all year round


In any hotel/restaurant with a separate room in the whole of Switzerland (driving meals reserved).


German, English

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
Basic flat rate for mixing
Up to 15 pers. 1'275.00  flat-rate
Each additional person 85.00  /pers.
Space rental
(without food on site) on demand

Included in the price

-   Theoretical and practical introduction
-   All necessary ingredients and utensils
-   Own production of cocktails
-   Award ceremony with prize giving
-   Recipes
-   Photos of the event

Not included

-   round trip
-   Possible room rental (except for subsequent aperitif and/or meal on site)

Optional extras

-   Apéro
-   lunch or dinner
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