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Careful, don't move! Mikado workshop

Careful, don't move! Mikado workshop
Careful, don't move! Mikado workshop
Careful, don't move! Mikado workshop
Each team member creates a man-sized mikado stick out of wood. But only all the sticks together make a whole game.

The famous chopstick game

Who doesn't know the chopstick game Mikado? Colourfully painted wooden sticks are bundled on a table and then dropped. Now you have to carefully remove stick after stick from the stick chaos without the other sticks lying on the table moving. Together with your team, you now make your own Mikado. Your game of chopsticks is made from really big, thick wooden sticks.

Colorful symbol for the group

Under expert guidance, each member of your team will make a two-metre-high Mikado stick from the wooden trunks provided. The task is to debark, sand, sharpen and paint the logs. All the sticks together make a colourful Mikado game at the end. This stands as a symbol for your group, while the ribbon that holds the sticks together symbolizes your company. The finished game is ideal for decorating your company's meeting room, foyer or open-plan office as a wooden sculpture.

Name and origin of the Mikado

"Mikado", by the way, is the old name for the Japanese emperor. The game is named after the stick with the highest numerical value. The other sticks also have names, such as "Mandarin" (Chinese court official), "Samurai" (Japanese warrior) or "Kuli" (Chinese worker). However, Mikado did not originate in Asia, but in Europe. It is said that the Romans already played it.

Size of group

10 to 100 people


2-3 h


all year round


Whole Switzerland


German, French, English

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
From 10 persons 105.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Moderation and management
-   All necessary material
-   Tools and paint

Not included

-   round trip
-   Any rent for the premises

Optional extras

-   Organization of seminar rooms (throughout Switzerland)
-   Catering of your choice
-   Transport of the Mikado

Customers' views on this offer

Sarah Moser, OdA GS


Wir hatten am 18. August 2020 einen Teamanlass mit dem Mikado-Workshop. Es war ein toller, ausgelassener Nachmittag und ich kann den Workshop nur weiterempfehlen. Eine wunderbar kreative Idee und eine willkommene Abwechslung zum Büroalltag.

Unsere Mikado-Stäbe stehen nun in unserem Pausenraum und erinnern uns immer wieder an diesen besonderen Teamanlass. Danke!

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