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Rock your team

Rock your team
Rock your team
Rock your team
Have you always dreamt of playing in a rock band? Let our team make your dream come true.

Fast track to rock musicians

Your team can become a rock band and record a song in less than two hours. It may sound hard to believe, but it can be done! One or several internationally established professional musicians will oversee your rapid rise to the top. You'll practice your piece before making a digital recording which you can then keep as a souvenir of your life as a rock musician. Unforgettable fun for the whole team!

Rock without musical experience

Our professionals will instruct you and your colleagues in how to deal with the most important rock music instruments (electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and drums). You don't need any previous knowledge or experience - even if you've never had an electric guitar in your hands, your coaches will get you playing in no time.

Practice, play, record

Each participant learns a simple part of an arrangement which has various sections (intro, theme, close) - then you can put it all together and be amazed at how good your team sounds as a rock band. The piece will then be recorded and edited, and each member of the band will receive an MP3 sound file to take home.


Rock your Team music example

Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water
Joan Jett - I love Rock N Roll

Size of group

10 to 100 people


around 1.5 h


all year round


throughout Switzerland


German, French, English, Italian

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
up to 8 pers. 1'100.00  flat-rate
9 - 16 pers. 1'700.00  flat-rate
17 - 24 pers. 2'200.00  flat-rate
25 - 32 pers. 3'200.00  flat-rate
each additional person 90.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   concept and preparatory work
-   1-3 (oder mehr) Profimusiker
-   all instruments (electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion)
-   amplification and ear protectors
-   simple stereo recording (MP3) as souvenir for the participants

Not included

-   venue hire (inc. organising a suitable space)
-   transport from Bern (0.60 CHF/km)
-   food and drinks

Optional extras

sound recording
-   for smaller groups up to 20 people CHF 400.- (participants receive an MP3 file)

Customers' views on this offer

Fabian Beck, Bredar AG


Vielen Dank an für das Coaching von uns blutigen Anfängern. Innerhalb 1.5 h haben wir es dank der einfachen Anleitung und der guten Vorbereitung geschafft, einen Song gemeinsam zu spielen. Die Leute waren begeistert!

Oliver Witt, ABB Schweiz AG


Wir hatten sehr viel Spass. Und wir haben etwas als Team geschaffen. Unglaublich, was man in so kurzer Zeit lernen kann. Und das Team, spricht noch heute davon. Wir sind alle begeistert! Vielen Dank.

Corinne Brügger, Neopost AG


Der Event hat "gerockt" und unsere Mitarbeiter waren alle begeistert und haben getanzt, musiziert und gesungen.
Viele konnten es kaum glauben, dass man innerhalb von 1.5h einen Rock-Song zusammen spielen kann. Die Rockband Leader waren alle sehr professionell und konnten die Leute perfekt animieren.
Wir können diesen Event allen empfehlen, denn es hat Spass gemacht und es ist eine tolle Abwechslung.

Anja Eckenstein, F. Hoffmann - La Roche AG


Danke der Nachfrage. Es war ein voller Erfolg, die Leute hatten riesen Spass und die Musiker haben einen tollen Job gemacht. Wirklich toll, ich werde diesen Event weiterempfehlen!

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