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Team Events arranges company outings and events for small and large companies throughout Switzerland. Plan directly with the organizer.

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Action Painting as a team event

Action Painting as a team event
Action Painting as a team event
Action Painting as a team event
Whether with the brush, the hands or the feet, whether sprayed, spatulaed or dripped: Bring colour onto the canvas and into your everyday work.

Color and joy for your team

Joint action painting is ideal for meeting anew as a team outside the familiar framework and working on something together. What is created hand in hand in the studio has an emotional memory value and brings colour and joy to the workplace beyond the workshop. The workshop is suitable as a special team event or team building occasion, for the kick-off of a new business plan, to promote creativity in everyday work, as a thank you for a successful business year and much more.

Procedure and aim of the workshop

After a short brainstorming session in the team, you put your ideas into practice. You also decide in the group which colour tones and tools you want to use and whether collage elements, fonts etc. should also be embedded. It is always about the collective work: Either one picture is created on a large canvas, or you design several smaller canvases, which are finally put together to form one unit. If desired, your company logo or business motto can also be integrated.

Venue and supporting programme

An expert guides you during the action painting and supports you with inspiring inputs. Previous knowledge is not required. The workshop takes place in a painting studio in Burgdorf or at a location of your choice. In the studio in Burgdorf a maximum of 15 people can paint on large canvases, a maximum of 10 people on small canvases. For larger groups or if the workshop takes place outside Burgdorf, an external room must be rented.
Would you like to combine the creative part with an aperitif? The schedule can be individually adapted to your needs. Let us advise you personally.

Size of group

6 to 50 people


2.5 h


all year round


Burgdorf and all of Switzerland


German, French, English

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Action Painting in a Team
From 6 pers. 95.00  /pers.
Directions outside Burgdorf on demand

Included in the price

-   Moderation and inspiration by expert
-   Assembly and disassembly of the painting studio
-   Cover material
-   All colors
-   Brushes, spatulas, syringes, sponges
-   Disposable coveralls and shoe covers
-   Rent and cleaning of the aprons

Not included

-   Possible room rent

Optional extras

-   Shipping and assembly of the works

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Andrea Bütikofer, vorsorgestiftung vsao


Der Anlass war ein voller Erfolg, die Mitarbeitenden hat wahnsinnig Spass. Äs het gfägt!

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