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Escape Room Heidiland Bad Ragaz

Escape Room Heidiland Bad Ragaz
Escape Room Heidiland Bad Ragaz
Escape Room Heidiland Bad Ragaz
In the middle of Bad Ragaz, three different rooms with numerous tricky tasks await your team. Only the time to solve them and break out of the rooms is short.

The Escape Room

Escape games are about you and your team getting out of a closed room within 75 minutes. You have to solve various puzzles and tasks. The Escape Rooms in Bad Ragaz are not locked. Instead, you have to complete a mission based on a true story. Up to 20 people can play together.

Rooms, stories, missions

  • room "Medex" (focus: gadgets)
    Can you bend a wire without touching it? Are you trained to use steam? Do you care about the fate of mankind? But above all: Are you vaccinated? Then you have a chance to stop the countdown in the escape room "Medex" and put a stop to the genius-crazy virologist before the end of humanity.

  • Room "H-Force" (Focus: Puzzles)
    What is the value of the Mona Lisa? What connects the ruins of Neuburg Castle near Untervaz with modern criminology? And above all: What does the Nino eat at the Znüni? If you succeed in finding answers to these questions, you are considered a full member of H-Force and can start investigating.

  • Room "Helvex" (focus: history)
    Why did the Helvetians need a cryptex? What is hidden behind the mirror? Do you know what the light of the new moon can reveal? In the Escape Room "Helvex" you will dive into a story of love and hope from the time of the Helvetians. You will find out what caused thousands of Celts grief and embark on an adventurous expedition. But beware, you are not the only ones on the trail of the secret!

    More gaming experiences

    Would you like to enhance your gaming experience even more and measure your skills in a team duel? Then you can book two escape rooms and change rooms after a first round. You have the choice between the "friendly duel", the challenging "rival duel" and the "marathon":

    • Friendly duel
      Each team plays for 30 minutes in its escape room. After a short break you swap rooms and try to solve more tasks than the other team in the same short time. The total playing time including introduction, break and feedback round is 85 minutes.

    • rival duel
      Each team plays 75 minutes, then the rooms are changed. This duel is not only about defeating the rival team, but also about fulfilling the mission of the Escape Room. Expect a total of about three hours of play time.

    • marathon
      For large groups, three teams are formed and the room is changed twice. Each team plays in each of the three rooms for half an hour. In total, you should plan on about 110 minutes of playing time.

Size of group

2 to 20 people


from 0.5 h


all year round


Bad Ragaz Distanz show map



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
From 2 pers. 45.00  /pers.
3 pers. 40.00  /pers.
4 pers. 35.00  /pers.
Each additional person 29.90  /pers.
Children from 10-16 years 15.00  /pers.
Friendship duel 35.00  /pers.
Rival duel 70.00  /pers.
Marathon 40.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Introduction before the match
-   Feedback round
-   Parking space usage
-   Escape game of your choice

Not included

-   outward and return journey
-   Catering on site

Optional extras

-   Friendship duel
-   Rival duel
-   Marathon
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