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Vocal Percussion - enjoyable handling of our voice

Vocal Percussion - enjoyable handling of our voice
Vocal Percussion - enjoyable handling of our voice
Vocal Percussion - enjoyable handling of our voice
Get your voice swinging with joyful exercises and get in the mood for rhythmic singing together.

The voice as an instrument

We need our voice not only to speak, but also to whisper and call, whistle and sing, beguile and conjure. And we can also use our voice as a rhythmic instrument. This is exactly what this vocal percussion workshop is all about. "Vocal Percussion" is the lifelike imitation of percussion rhythms with the human voice as well as, in a broader sense, all vocal music with sounds and rhythms reminiscent of percussion and other rhythm instruments.

Workshop for the voice

In order for your voices to receive sound and resonance, the workshop begins with a sensual warming up for the whole body and for the vocal chords in particular. The following exercises start with the speaking voice and then lead to rhythms that you create together with the voice. In this way you and your team become a "vocal band", and perhaps a choir with singing voices will result. Because all people can sing, but many do not dare to.

The workshop leader

The workshop will be led by a trained singer, pianist, conductor and teacher. She has accompanied team processes for years with the help of musical and theatrical pedagogical methods. She is a freelance musician and founded, among other things, a vocal ensemble of which she is also the artistic director.

Size of group

4 to 30 people


1-3 h


all year round


All of Switzerland Distanz show map

Required infrastructure

Interior or place with good acoustics. The workshop can also be done with electronic amplification.


German, French, Italian

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
1 hour 400.00  flat-rate
2 hours 600.00  flat-rate
3 hours 800.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Preparation
-   Implementation

Not included

-   Arrival of the workshop leader
-   Copies for song sheets (if desired)

Customers' views on this offer

Ute van Appeldorn, Pfarrei St Franziskus


Durch die kompetente und einfühlsame Leiterin wurde der Abend für alle Teilnehmenden zu einem fröhlichen Event. Alle sind in Bewegung gekommen und hatten Freude ihre Stimmen in und durch ihren Körper noch einmal ganz anders zum Klingen zu bringen. Der "Spontanchor" , der so entstand, begeisterte alle. Ich würde den Workshop jederzeit wieder buchen. Die Teilnehmende singen noch heute , was sie an dem Abend gelernt haben.

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