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Fish! The motivation and sales seminar

Fish! The motivation and sales seminar
Fish! The motivation and sales seminar
Fish! The motivation and sales seminar
Discover a new way to more success based on the four principles of the Fish! philosophy

Playful to more motivation - the seminar goal

No one has a more decisive influence on the relationships with your customers than your employees. It depends on them whether your products and services are measured only by price or whether they enter the race with a sympathy bonus. The aim of the Fish! seminar is to create a working environment in which you and your employees can easily release more energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

Procedure of the workshop

You determine the topic of the seminar, which can be sales or motivation seminar or both. The workshop begins with a presentation on the Fish! philosophy and a film about the Pike Place fish market. Afterwards, you will record your experiences, ideas and visions in a team, for example by means of a collage, and playfully implement the newly gained knowledge in a group work.

A world-famous fish market

A fish market in Seattle is the source of inspiration for the Fish! philosophy. The Pike Place fish market suddenly became a customer and tourist attraction when the workers came up with the idea of no longer carrying the fish around but throwing them to each other with the shout "Fish! In this way the team had made the small, subtle difference that made their fish market world-famous. In 2001 it was also voted the most popular workplace in the USA by CNN.

The secret of the fish sellers and the Fish! philosophy

The fish sellers consciously chose their attitude and learned to play and have fun at work. They are present for each other and their customers and at the same time they care for and delight them. These four principles - conscious attitude, play, attention, pleasure - form the pillars of the Fish! philosophy. With our seminar leader, who has been intensively involved with the Fish! philosophy for years, your employees will become a highly motivated team for a more successful company.

Size of group

6 to 250 people


from 1/2 day


all year round


All of Switzerland



Costs [CHF]

Presentation 1'800.00  flat-rate
Short training
half day 2'500.00  flat-rate
Day Training/
-workshop 3'200.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Play, fun, energy, motivation and experience
-   Creation of a concept sketch
-   Minutes and supplementary documents

Not included

-   Travel and possible accommodation costs of the speaker
-   Individual concepts and training
-   food and drink
-   Evaluations personality profiles

Customers' views on this offer

Cindy Beer, Touring Club Schweiz/Dir. M&V


Der Anlass war perfekt auf unsere Bedürfnisse ausgerichtet und wir konnten von dem geführten Seminar profitieren. Der Seminarleiter hat uns seine Impressionen und sein Know-how mit viel Elan, Motivation und spielerischem Flair präsentiert.
Auch fanden wir das Hotel Ramada in Solothurn für ein Seminar, sehr treffend. Raum und Verpflegung waren optimal auf uns ausgerichtet.
Gerne empfehlen wir anderen diesen Tag durchzuführen!
Besten Dank an die ganze Organisations-Crew und sonnige Grüsse aus Schönbühl.

Pascal Kissling, Kissling Wholesale GmbH


Das Seminar war ein voller Erfolg und das Erlernte wird ab sofort umgesetzt. Vielen Dank und erfolgreiche Woche!

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