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Team Events arranges company outings and events for small and large companies throughout Switzerland. Plan directly with the organizer.

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Wood oven-baked Event

Wood oven-baked Event
Wood oven-baked Event
Wood oven-baked Event
Either you bake a fresh, crispy bread with your team or you decide to bake the traditional biscuits de Bénichon.

Bake your own bread

With us you can make your own bread and then take it home. We make the dough with very simple ingredients: flour, water, milk, salt and yeast. By adding spices, grains and fruits you can create delicious breads to your taste.
In this course you will make the dough yourself, add various ingredients, bake your bread in a wood-fired oven and then enjoy it at home.

Finally a Moroccan meal

- Tender beef biscuits with plums and almonds
- Moroccan salads
- Dessert

- Tender chicken with lemons and olives
- Moroccan salads
- Dessert

- Yeast cake with Bénichon mustard
- Soup (carrots, cabbage, potatoes), ham, saucissons

Making Bénichon pastries

Bénichon is an old custom in the canton of Fribourg. This folk festival celebrates the end of field work in September and the departure from the Alps in October. A special meal is prepared to celebrate the reunion of the family.
In this course you will learn how to make various special pastries as they are served at the Bénichon meal: aniseed bread, croquets, bricelets, saltines, etc.

The Bénichon menu

Yeast cake from the wood oven with homemade Bénichon mustard.
Ham, saucisson, carrots, cabbage and potatoes.
Meringues, double cream, vanilla ice cream, homemade wine cake, croquettes, bricelets etc.

Size of group

2 to 25 people


from 2 h


May till October

Travel directions

Near Avenches



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% value added tax
Making pastries with food 135.00  /pers.
Baking bread with food 120.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Production of the pastry or bread
-   Booked food

Not included

-   Beverages
-   outward and return journey
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