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Team Events arranges company outings and events for small and large companies throughout Switzerland. Plan directly with the organizer.

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Building snow sculptures

Building snow sculptures
Building snow sculptures
Building snow sculptures
Building snow sculptures
Building snow sculptures
Building snow sculptures
Build beautiful white sculptures and be crowned the Snow King of the day.

Who builds the most beautiful snow sculpture?

Form works of art out of snow, in the most beautiful places in Switzerland and supervised by professional snow sculpture builders. Compete with other teams and - perhaps - be crowned the Snow Kings or Snow Queens of the day. A creative pleasure, which can bring unexpected talents to light!

Indoor or outdoor

The event can be held indoors or outdoors. For the outdoor version it is recommended to choose a place with enough snow, otherwise snow transport costs will be added. With the indoor variant (snow transport included in the price) you work in a room of your choice in groups of 2-3 people on snow cubes of approx. 30 cm side length with knives, spatulas etc. Outdoors you will work in teams of 4-6 people, on snow blocks of about 1 x 1 m, with saws, shovels, spades, various small tools, water and gloves.

Workshop, competition and group picture with sculpture

After being welcomed by the snow sculpture professionals who moderate the workshop, your group will be divided into smaller teams. Each group receives a snow cube and tools. Now it is time to form a snow sculpture from the block according to a previously defined motto - as artistically as possible, of course, because after that it is all about presenting your work. You are welcome to point out hidden qualities, make allusions to internal company matters, etc. - The main thing is that you convince the other teams and win the competition for the most beautiful or funniest snow sculpture. Before it melts again, a group picture will be taken with the sculpture as a reminder.

Possible mottos

Under which motto would you like to place the snow sculpture competition? Below are some suggestions for different groups and companies:

  • Jolly winter mythical creatures (for mixed groups)
  • The customer is king (and his throne of snow)!
  • Snow-IT: Computer viruses and Co. (for IT companies)
  • Typical Switzerland!
  • My country - typical from home (for international groups)
  • Current company or team motto, e.g. "Think global", "United we stand", "Together against the crisis", "Yes we can!" etc.
The event can be held in German and English.

Size of group

10 to 500 people


For outdoor version: winter equipment (winter boots,
waterproof pants, winter jacket, cap, sunglasses)


around 2 h


all year round


All of Switzerland


German, English

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Outdoor (if snow is available)
up to 20 pers. 1'980.00  flat-rate
from 21 pers. 99.00  /pers.
from 51 pers. 89.00  /pers.
from 101 pers. 79.00  /pers.
up to 30 pers. 2'900.00  flat-rate
from 31 pers. 95.00  /pers.
from 51 pers. 88.00  /pers.
from 101 pers. 79.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Preliminary terrain investigation
-   Preparation of the blocks
-   Professional tools and gloves
-   Moderation and supervision by snow sculpture professionals
-   Sculpture construction and competition
-   Arrival and departure of the team with material
-   Snow transport
-   Preparation of the workstations (table protection, water protection)

Not included

-   Snow transport outdoor (if there is no snow at the desired location)
-   Possible rent/permission Site
-   Possible additional costs for transport of the team/material (mountain railway)

Optional extras

-   Competition prizes
-   Previously created snow art (bars, decorations, company logos etc.)
-   Catering for the participants (e.g. mulled wine at the snow bar)

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5 - 500 people
from CHF 2'400.00
all year round
All of Switzerland
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