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Smartphone scavenger hunt in Central Switzerland

Smartphone scavenger hunt in Central Switzerland
Smartphone scavenger hunt in Central Switzerland
Smartphone scavenger hunt in Central Switzerland
Experience a fascinating combination of exciting history, latest technology and old scout knowledge.

Welcome to the heart of Switzerland

The game management welcomes you personally on site and introduces you to the course of the game. Before the game starts, your group will be divided into smaller teams. All teams start at the same time and have the same tasks, but solve them in different order. During the game the smartphone is used, but your own skills are also required. When all teams have successfully completed the scavenger hunt, the game is solved at the agreed meeting point.

Three different adventures

Your scavenger hunt follows a certain script. There are three exciting stories to choose from:

  • The Magic Book
    An evil sorcerer has stolen an amulet from a mysterious book and now frightens the whole town. Do you think you can outsmart the sorcerer?

  • The Diamond Hunt
    In the city of Lucerne there was recently a diamond robbery. The local police have so far been unable to catch the perpetrators. Hunt for the diamond.

  • The bomb alert
    A crazy professor is harassing the citizens of the city with his bomb system. Can you crack the professor's master plan? A tricky game of time!

Size of group

14 to 90 people


Dress according to the weather, because the game takes place outdoors and is played in all weather conditions.


from 1.5 h


all year round


The magic book: Sursee, Lucerne, Zofingen
The diamond hunt: Sursee
The bomb alert: Lucerne



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
The Magic Book
up to 20 pers. 900.00  flat-rate
21-32 pers. 45.00  /pers.
33-60 pers. 42.00  /pers.
The diamond hunt
up to 14 pers. 630.00  flat-rate
15-32 pers. 45.00  /pers.
33-49 pers. 42.00  /pers.
50-80 pers. 38.00  /pers.
The bomb alert
up to 16 pers. 672.00  flat-rate
17-32 pers. 42.00  /pers.
33-49 pers. 38.00  /pers.
50-90 pers. 34.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Scavenger hunt story of your choice
-   Support and staging
-   Setting up and dismantling the game

Not included

-   outward and return journey

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