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Charisma Workshop - be positively remembered

Charisma Workshop - be positively remembered
Charisma Workshop - be positively remembered
Charisma Workshop - be positively remembered
Some people remain in your memory for no apparent reason. In this workshop you will discover the secret of positive charisma.

The power of charisma

The term "charisma" is used to describe the special charisma of a person. Charismatic people fascinate, they have a strong effect on others, one likes to listen and watch them. But how does charisma arise and what is its connection to? What can you do to increase your charisma and become a magnet for people yourself?

The Charisma Coaching

In the Charisma Workshop, the topic of natural positive charisma will be brought to life for you and your team. In addition to short theory blocks, you will consciously practice your effect on others. The seminar leadership, consisting of a team of two, offers you an entertaining and instructive coaching as well as individual training plans, with which all participants can work on their charisma beyond the event.

Contents and duration of the workshop

These are some of the topics that will be dealt with in detail in the workshop:

  • How does charisma come about?
  • What factors is attraction based on?
  • How are happiness and charisma related?
    You can book the Charisma Workshop as a half-day or one-day seminar.

Size of group

8 to 50 people


from 1/2 day


all year round


Whole of Switzerland and neighbouring countries



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Half-day seminar
Up to 10 pers. 1'000.00  flat-rate
From 11 pers. on demand
One-day seminar
Up to 10 pers. 1'800.00  flat-rate
From 11 pers. on demand

Included in the price

-   Coaching on the subject of charisma
-   Seminar documentation

Not included

-   Possible room rent
-   outward and return journey

Optional extras

-   Individual Coaching
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