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Intoxicating Solothurn city tour

Intoxicating Solothurn city tour
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Intoxicating Solothurn city tour
Intoxicating Solothurn city tour
Experience Solothurn from its intoxicating side - learn about intoxicating festivals from times gone by, intoxicating states, intoxicating moments and of course the "Green Fairy".

The "green fairy"

From the cult drink of the Parisian artistic community to the forbidden devil's stuff. Many myths surround the wormwood elixir developed in the Neuchâtel Jura. Absinthe was banned in Switzerland for 95 years until it was legalized again in March 2005. This was also the birth of the first legal Absinthe Bar in Switzerland, which was established in Solothurn despite some adversities. Immerse yourself in the turbulent history of this legendary drink and hear more about Roger Liggenstorfer, the founder of the "Green Fairy" and the unique nightshade publisher

Exemplary drug policy

The tour will also focus on Solothurn's drug policy. In the 80s and 90s, the world was anything but intact in the canton of Solothurn. At that time, Solothurn pursued a liberal, social and Christian drug policy - in the midst of which Sister Sara Martina, who was the Solothurn Mother Teresa for many addicts, was in charge. Listen to her human story, which experienced inhuman conditions. In the mid-nineties, the canton of Solothurn enacted an addiction aid law, which laid the foundations for other regions. Find out how Solothurn has developed from an open drug scene to a model canton and why a Solothurn doctor caused a worldwide sensation with a new (drug) therapy.

A rush without side effects

Did wine really once flow from the Solothurn wells? And what did Casanova get intoxicated with in Solothurn? These and other questions will also be examined in detail on the "Intoxicating Solothurn" tour.
Solothurn knows how to intoxicate. Let yourself be carried away into intoxication - legally and without side effects

Possible tastings

Tasting of Solothurn wine.

  • Guided tour and tasting of Solothurn Öufi beer at the Öufi brewery.
  • Coffee & cake at the Suteria.

    Dinner after the city tour

    Would you like to complement the city tour with a meal? On request we will send you great restaurant ideas for a culinary conclusion. The city tour is also suitable as a conclusion after a seminar. We would also be happy to organise the seminar room for you. Please ask us for details.

  • Size of group

    1 to 25 people


    from 1 h


    all year round


    Solothurn Distanz show map


    German, French, English

    Costs [CHF]

    incl. 7.7% VAT
    City tour
    One hour. 190.00  flat-rate
    1.5 hours 210.00  flat-rate

    Included in the price

    -   City tour with local guide
    -   Preparatory work

    Not included

    -   outward and return journey
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