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Build and race a go-cart

Build and race a go-cart
Build and race a go-cart
Build and race a go-cart
Build and race a go-cart
Build and race a go-cart
Build and race a go-cart
Build go-carts in teams, decorate them as you please, and then race with them.

Building and decorating as a team

Enjoy hours of memorable fun and let your childhood dreams come true. Using just a few tools and materials, you will be able to build your own go-cart and decorate it according to your own design in only a short time (around three hours). Creativity, fun and, above all, team work are to the fore: you will work with between thee and five other people to build the go-cart, with half of the group working on the mechanical side of things and the others on the bodywork. You will have decided beforehand who will do what and how the vehicle should look at the end.

From initial ideas to a finished vehicle

After a short introduction you can get started straight away. The event leader is to hand with tips and advice and to deal with any questions you may have about constructing the vehicle. You'll make it, but it will take your combined strength, a lot of work and good will to reach the goal and be able to present a cool go-cart to the other teams.

Races and presentations

Once the work is done, you have to see how well your vehicle runs. The course leader will make brief safety check, and then the race can begin. You can test your skills against the other teams on a small obstacle course, or you can work as a team to guide a blindfolded driver over a flat but complicated course - and with a time limit too. Presentations will be made at the end of the races.

The site

Building a go-cart does not necessarily require a workshop. We can bring all the materials to a location of your choice, be that on your own premises or at another venue.

Size of group

8 to 400 people


3-4 h


all year round


Throughout Switzerland


german, Englisch und Französisch auf Anfrage

Costs [CHF]

excludes 8.0 % VAT
8 to 15 people - 2 go-carts 2'136.00  flat-rate
16 to 21 people - 3 go-carts 2'628.00  flat-rate
22 to 27 people - 4 go-carts 3'660.00  flat-rate
28 to 33 people - 5 go-carts 4'152.00  flat-rate
34 to 39 people - 6 go-carts 4'584.00  flat-rate
40 to 45 people - 7 go-carts 5'076.00  flat-rate
46 to 51 people - 8 go-carts 5'508.00  flat-rate
52 to 57 people - 9 go-carts 5'990.00  flat-rate
to 100 people - 10 go-carts 6'432.00  flat-rate
bigger groups on demand

Included in the price

-   Provision of the requisite materials
-   All tools and paints
-   Assistance and preparation

Not included

-   Any arising venue hire
-   Travel to and from the venue

Customers' views on this offer

Daniela Baumann, SRG SSR


Der Event war super organisiert und vermochte unsere Mitarbeitenden zu begeistern. Herzlichen Dank für ihre nette und zuvorkommende Unterstützung.

David Portmann, Scout24 Schweiz AG


Der Anlass wurde perfekt organisiert und es waren alle Teilnehmer begeistert!

Irene Müller, Flachglas (Schweiz) AG


Der Event «Seifenkistenbau mit Rennen» war ein voller Erfolg und hat unsere Erwartungen mehr als übertroffen. Unsere Gruppe von 32 Personen war rund um die Uhr beschäftigt. Jeder konnte mitwirken, mitdiskutieren und je nach Fähigkeit sich kreativ oder technisch betätigen. Für einen Teambuilding-Event genau das Richtige. Das Rennen war natürlich der Höhepunkt und hat für viele Lacher gesorgt. Wir danken dem Event-Team für den gelungenen Anlass.

Caroline Wiederkehr, Hero AG


Perfekt organisiert und betreut. Vielen Dank an den Seifenkistenbauer und sein Team.

Stefanie Schär, Ford Motor Company (Switzerland) SA


Wir waren alle sehr begeistert von dem Seifenkistenbau mit Rennen. Der Seifenkistenfachmann und sein Team waren super freundlich und sehr flexibel, alles war gut organisiert und durchdacht. Auf alle Fälle zu empfehlen.

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