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Stag party – Sweet ideas for women

Stag party – Sweet ideas for women
Stag party – Sweet ideas for women
Stag party – Sweet ideas for women
Experience a poltergeist that not only pleases the heart but also the palate and combine creativity with pleasure.

Sweet ideas for your hen party

Celebrate the last evening before the wedding with your girlfriends and take pleasure in saying goodbye to your time as a bachelorette. Many sweet ideas are waiting to be implemented by your women's group. For example, you can make your own cupcakes, cookies, tirggel and macarons or create a delicious (salty) aperitif. Whatever your heart desires: in this creative workshop your wishes will come true.

The different workshops

  • High Heels from Schoggi: Is the bride crazy about shoes? Then this poltergeist is the one. Each participant decorates an already casted chocolate shoe to her heart's content. Filigree ornaments are applied with a piping bag and then finished with powder paint and sugar pearls.

  • make chocolate kisses: Each participant creates 20 chocolate kisses according to her own taste. The homemade mixture of egg white and sugar will be squeezed with the help of a piping bag, filled with fruity fillings, caramel or ganache and covered with chocolate.

  • decorate cookies: Each participant can creatively garnish and label ten pre-baked Heart Cookies with coloured egg white spray glaze. Each cookie will be nicely packaged at the end. The cookies are perfect as personal place cards for the wedding guests.

  • Bake Züri Tirggel: Make your own spicy Tirggel dough and give the traditional pastry a noble pattern. Finally, the produced tirggel is baked in the oven and beautifully packaged.

  • Cake-Pops: The cute little cakes on the style are the hit. Mix and shape your cake lollipops and coat them with beautifully coloured cake glaze after baking. Finally, decorate the Cake-Pops with sugar pearls, sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, glitter and chocolate ornaments.

  • Bake Macarons: You make your own Macaron bowls and complete the noble pastry with different fillings. In between, you strengthen yourself with a crispy snack. At the end of the workshop each participant can take home 24 self-produced macarons.

    Self created or additional aperitif

    Instead of sweet delicacies, you can also create your own aperitif and make salty snacks together, such as flûtes, a focaccia, Parmesan cookies, dumplings on a sweet-and-sour sauce or chicken balls with mango salsa. At the end there is enough time to enjoy the aperitif. But you also have the possibility to be pampered after a sweet workshop with an aperitif that is prepared for you. Toast the bride with a glass of Prosecco, orange juice or wine and enjoy salty snacks or a variety of delicious appetizers from the buffet.

  • Size of group

    5 to 100 people


    from 1 h


    all year round


    German, French, English

    Costs [CHF]

    incl. 7.7% VAT
    Pouring chocolate bars 55.00  /pers.
    Chocolates & Truffles 75.00  /pers.
    High Heels from Schoggi 75.00  /pers.
    Decorate cupcakes 75.00  /pers.
    Making chocolate kisses 95.00  /pers.
    Decorate Cookies 85.00  /pers.
    Baking Züri Tirggel 85.00  /pers.
    Making Cake-Pops 85.00  flat-rate
    Baking macarons 95.00  /pers.
    prepare the aperitif 95.00  /pers.
    Pouring broken chocolate 95.00  /pers.
    Apéro variations from 9.00  /pers.

    Included in the price

    -   Course management
    -   Room rental
    -   Apron for the duration of the course
    -   All raw materials and ingredients
    -   Mineral water, coffee and tea
    -   Carrier bags and gift wrapping
    -   clearing and clearing up

    Not included

    -   outward and return journey

    Optional extras

    -   Apéro after the sweet workshop
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