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Blind Painting - drawing without inhibitions

Blind Painting - drawing without inhibitions
Blind Painting - drawing without inhibitions
Blind Painting - drawing without inhibitions
Blind Painting - the funny drawing event that lightens up every occasion: You draw your colleagues blind - the result ensures many laughs and a good mood.

Painting without inhibitions

With this funny drawing event you can lighten up your seminar or create a fun introduction to a sociable company evening. The participants sit opposite each other and draw each other - without seeing what they are drawing. Get started and do it without inhibitions. It doesn't matter if you're artistically gifted or feel like you can't draw at all. The requirements are exactly the same for everyone: you draw concealed under a cardboard box, blind, so to speak.

Crooked and funny

The characteristic features of the counterpart are captured on a 10 x 10 cm canvas. Various pens, collage elements such as eyes, lips, etc. are available.
And now perhaps the mouth lies over the nose or the ear sticks to the neck and a moustache grows on the nose. The more crooked and slanted a portrait becomes, the more fun the event is.
The duration of the event and the size of the group can be defined. Magnetic canvases are also available on request, which can easily be hung on a magnetic board.

Size of group

6 to 50 people


1-3 h


all year round


Burgdorf and all of Switzerland


German, French, English

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Blind Painting
1pc. 50.00  /pers.
2 hrs. 55.00  /pers.
3 hrs. 60.00  /pers.
Directions outside Burgdorf on demand

Included in the price

-   Various collage elements
-   Moderation and inspiration by expert
-   All colors
-   Assembly and disassembly of the painting studio

Not included

-   Possible room rent
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