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Culinary and Communication workshop

Culinary and Communication workshop
Culinary and Communication workshop
Culinary and Communication workshop
Communicating is like mixing a smoothie: It's all about the choice of ingredients! In this workshop you will learn to rely on the right resources.

Recipes for everyday life

Smoothies are mixed drinks made from fruits, vegetables and herbs, i.e. from high-quality and healthy ingredients, the enjoyment of which enhances the sense of well-being. In this workshop, the nutritionist will introduce you to new smoothie recipes, and the concept of these power drinks will be transferred to your daily interaction: You will be given new tools by a communication professional to deal with yourself and others in a more appreciative way in everyday life.

The focus on resources

As with the fine smoothies, the private and professional contact with people is also about choosing the good, healthy and pleasant. In terms of communication, this means in concrete terms that you learn to focus on the resources, i.e. on the qualities and skills that are available (and not on what is missing or goes wrong). The focus on resources is achieved with a benevolent view, a portion of humour and a pinch of imagination. You will be amazed at the hidden strengths you discover in yourself and others!

Goals, contents and procedure

In this workshop cooking becomes a metaphor for communication. You will develop a feeling for ingredients or resources and talents that you have not considered before, develop new perspectives, get recipes and tools at hand and discover how to achieve "smooth" (smooth) results with simple means, for the gut and for the community. In the workshop you will practice and mix, experiment and exchange, but also marvel, laugh and enjoy.

Food for body and soul

This is what you can expect in the workshop:

  • A welcome smoothie for an aperitif
  • Custom mix of fine smoothies
  • Connecting head and belly
  • Exercises in changing perspectives and reframing
  • Focusing on talents and resources
  • Promoting mindfulness and creativity
  • Quizzing about thought and action automatisms
  • Concrete ideas for experiments in everyday life
  • Exchanging experiences

Size of group

6 to 20 people


3-4 h


all year round


Solothurn and all of Switzerland Distanz show map



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
6-20 pers. from 800.00  flat-rate
jede weitere Pers. 60.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Theoretical documents
-   All ingredients for smoothies
-   Communication Coach
-   Nutrition coach

Not included

-   outward and return journey
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