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Playing with fire – become a fire artiste

Playing with fire – become a fire artiste
Playing with fire – become a fire artiste
Become a fire artiste, learn how to swallow fire, and present your colleagues with a great fire display.

The fascinating element of fire

Everyone loves to play with fire, one way or another. In this workshop you will learn artistic ways of dealing with the fascinating element of fire. Learn how to swallow and breathe fire, make flames in different colours, light up a house wall without the house burning down, and make a carpet of fire that makes no damage. Our pyrotechnicians will give you a professional introduction to playing with fire with anyone getting their fingers burnt.

A brilliant fireshow to round off the day

During an evening meal, you can show your colleagues what you've learnt in the afternoon workshop. Whether it's a management Christmas meal or a summer party for the apprentices, the closing show will impress everyone. Our professionals work with you to develop a choreographed display in which they too can participate if you wish.

Size of group

15 to 30 people


around 4 h


all year round


throughout Switzerland


German, French

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
up to 15 Pers. 1'900.00  flat-rate
16 to 30 Pers. 120.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Support of stage pyrotechnicians
-   Preparing and running workshop
-   All necessary materials
-   Permissions
-   Insurance

Not included

-   Travel costs of pyrotechnicians
-   Catering, drinks, and any overnight accommodation for the pyrotechnicians

Optional extras

-   Fire show by fire artistes
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