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Team Events
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Team Events

Team Events arranges company outings and events for small and large companies throughout Switzerland. Plan directly with the organizer.

The Outdoor Dreams Team in October 2018. From left: Ingrid, Martin, Swantje, Marita, Urs, Regula

About us

We look forward to demonstrating the quality of our comprehensive service!

Marita Bühler - Consultant

The woman with two languages - having grown up bilingually, Marita is perfectly positioned to look after our French speaking clients. She also has brilliant ideas about the kind of events that will make a seminar feel complete.

Ingrid Eggenschwiler - Consultant

The hostess with the mostest - coming out of the gastro scene, Ingrid knows how guests like to be looked after. She also brings ideas for artists and entertainers to the table, so the gala dinner after your seminar will not be short of amusement.

Swantje Richter - Consultant

The specialist for your seminar - as a qualified hotelier, Swantje knows which seminar rooms offer the best views over the lake, which hotels have the coolest designer rooms, which venues are the most centrally located. Take advantage of her great experience and excellent networks in the hotel trade - she can provide highly individualised solutions.

Die vielseitige Frau – von der Grossstadt bis zum Alp-Leben kennt Sie alle unterschiedlichen Lebensweisen. Sie organisiert privat wie auch geschäftlich mit viel Leidenschaft Events und freut sich deshalb, Sie individuell beraten zu dürfen.

Urs Karrer - Consultant

The heart and soul of the team - Urs is willing to listen to everyone, clients and team members alike. As a passionate cyclist he gets around a lot and from his own experience knows the finest accommodation and best seminar locations in Switzerland.

Martin Lüthi - Planning

The man behind the scenes – we don’t see or hear much of him, but nothing would happen without him. Martin’s main tasks lie with the continual improvement and development of the range of services on offer, as well as the company's internal processes, its online platforms and back office applications.

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Team Events