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Moderated Escape Game from the Home Office

Moderated Escape Game from the Home Office
Moderated Escape Game from the Home Office
Moderated Escape Game from the Home Office
Play a virtual Escape Game with your team and experience crazy adventures without leaving the home office.

The virtual Escape Room

Welcome to the virtual Escape Room with a new generation of the popular escape games! While you stay in your home office and connect to the Escape Room online with your team, your game master moves through the room in real life according to your instructions. Thanks to a webcam, you see and hear everything he sees and hears as if you were there yourself.

Challenge for the whole team

Just like a normal Escape Game, you need to work closely with your team and communicate well with each other. Skillful combining, puzzling and riddling is required to navigate through all challenges. Will you succeed in making the rescue escape?

The different possible games

A maximum of ten people can play together in a virtual room. You can choose from five German-language and six English-language rooms, so that a maximum of 110 people can play in parallel. These are the German-language games:

  • Voodoo School: In this school you will learn to fear, but also have more fun than in any other school.

  • Wizard: Will you succeed in making the survival elixir for the powerful wizard Tambeldor to save the master from death?

  • Bomb: Prevent World War III and save humanity from a ticking bomb that threatens to destroy everything.

  • Zombie: An out-of-control virus is turning all humans into zombies. Quickly make the appropriate antiserum!

  • Murder: People keep disappearing at the Motel Exit and especially in room #9. Get to the bottom of the dark mystery.

Size of group

2 to 110 people




all year round


Whole world


German, English

Costs [CHF]

Virtual Escape Game
2-6 pers. 130.00  flat-rate
7-10 pers. 22.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Online and remote play
-   Preparations for online team event
-   Moderation of the event

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Customers' views on this offer

Rolf Baumgartner, F. Hoffmann - La Roche AG


War ein echt cooler Event und alles hat prima geklappt. Habe nur positive Rückmeldungen bekommen. Die Moderatoren in den Escape Rooms waren total aufgestellt, witzig und falls notwendig unterstützend. Es war so spannend, dass nicht nur meine Nase teilweise am Bildschirm klebte :-).

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