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Pyrotechnics with the professionals

Pyrotechnics with the professionals
Pyrotechnics with the professionals
Pyrotechnics with the professionals
Pyrotechnics with the professionals
Pyrotechnics with the professionals
Pyrotechnics with the professionals
You and your team can put together a professional firework display, from the first spark through to the closing burst.

Three variations, one spectacle

A team-built fireworks display to amaze everyone is the high point of the project. You can choose between three types of fireworks:

  • Baroque fireworks
    These are silent fireworks that are ignited on the ground and at most hiss a little. They include suns and volcanoes.

  • Major fireworks
    These go high up in the air where they explode, loud, clear, and visible from afar.

  • Indoor and stage fireworks
    These are fireworks at their finest: special indoor fireworks will enchant a restaurant with their tricks and effects.

Three groups, one project

Your team will be divided into smaller groups. One plans the choreography: in which order should which fireworks be used? How will the show open? How will it end? The second group designs the fireworks themselves, puts them together, develops light pictures and special effects, and adds the detonators. The third group connects all the effects on computer, because the fireworks are not lit with matches, but electronically. That requires real concentration, because the whole thing can only happen once!

And finally: ignition!

When everything is ready, you can relax and sit together to enjoy an aperitif or a fine meal. Before the dessert, the high point of the evening is the fireworks display, a three to five minute brilliant show which your guests will always remember.

Size of group

8 to 20 people


2-4 h


all year round


throughout German-speaking Switzerland



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
From 5 Pers. from 3'000.00  
From 12 Pers. from 4'000.00  
From 20 Pers. from 5'000.00  

Included in the price

-   All necessary firework components
-   Ignition material
-   Technical equipment
-   Music to accompany the display
-   Guidance of professional pyrotechnicians.
-   Insurance
-   Obtaining official permits

Not included

-   Search and rental of location
-   Ensuring the suitability of the location
-   Participants' travel costs
-   Travel costs of the pyrotechnic team

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Playing with fire – become a fire artiste

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15 - 30 people
from CHF 120.00 per person
all year round
throughout Switzerland

Customers' views on this offer

Simone Tschopp, Klinik Selhofen


Wer hat schon je ein Feuerwerk selbst gemacht - nicht bloss ein Zuckerstöckli entzündet, sondern richtige Wunderwerke in den Himmel geschossen? Unsere Mitarbeitenden wurden gepackt vom Fieber und arbeiteten in 3 Gruppen à ca. 10 Personen je an einem eigenen Feuerwerk, welches im Nachhinein von der Fachjury bewertet wurde. Die professionellen Pyrotechniker vom Feuerwerkshop waren mit vollem Engagement und viel Fachwissen dabei. Nach dem Nachtessen wurden unsere Jubiläums-Feuerwerke dann gezündet. Ohh, uahhh... Wahnsinn! Es hat viel Spasst gemacht und passte perfekt zu unserem Event.

Cornelia Amgwerd, CONVISA AG


Wir durften einen sehr interessanten, lehrreichen Anlass erleben.
Das Programm "Pyrotechnik mit dem Profi" hat sehr unseren Vorstellungen entsprochen....
Wir sind alle begeistert...!
Die drei Profis waren mit sehr viel Herzblut dabei....
Dass das Ganze für die drei einen so grossen Zeitaufwand aufbringt, war uns zuvor nicht bewusst.
Danke für Ihre Bemühung und Ihr Engagement

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