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Adventure tour Zurich Zoo

Adventure tour Zurich Zoo
Adventure tour Zurich Zoo
Adventure tour Zurich Zoo
How do animals communicate? What is evolution? What happens at night in the animal kingdom? You can get answers to these and many other questions at Zurich Zoo.

Close to the animals

On a guided tour of Zurich Zoo you will experience the animals as close as never before and learn many exciting things about life in different ecosystems. In addition to a general tour of the zoo, you can choose between various themed tours, for example on the subject of Australia, biodiversity, animal records or communication between animals. There are also guided tours especially for children and special tours for a limited time, for example evening tours.

General topics

  • Tour of the zoo.
    On this exciting tour, you will receive in-depth information about different animal species, get to know the current young animals and gain insight into the tasks of a zoo.

  • Evening tour (from October to March).
    What happens in the zoo after it closes in the evening? Which animals can see in the dark and are active at night? How do they cope with the cold? How do animals sleep?

  • Biodiversity
    Biodiversity (variety of species) is the basis of life. On this guided tour you will learn where and how biodiversity manifests itself and what conditions must be met for it to exist.

  • On Darwin's tracks
    What is evolution? How does it work? And where are we today? You will get to know animals that already fascinated Darwin, learn unknowns about his life and dive into the zoo's own exhibition on evolution.

  • Eat and be eaten
    Three "F's" govern the lives of animals: food, reproduction and enemy avoidance. The first "F" is the focus of this themed tour, because more than any other factor, food has shaped the appearance, physiology and behavior of animals.

  • Homosexuality in the animal kingdom.
    Homosexuality occurs in animals such as penguins, giraffes, and dolphins. This themed tour explores the question of what benefits same-sex sex brings to animals.

  • Communication in the animal kingdom
    Whether to find a mate, to establish contact between mother and young, to warn or to camouflage, animals communicate. Some of it very simple, but very effective. The various forms of communication are among the most fascinating things zoology has to offer.

  • Popular misconceptions in the animal kingdom.
    Do mayflies live only one day? Do wolves howl at the full moon? Does the camel have water in its humps? This themed tour debunks animal half-truths and falsehoods.

  • Records in the Animal Kingdom (ages 5 and up).
    Evolution has produced abilities in animals that humans can barely match. These record-breaking "exceptional talents" include the poison dart frog, the sloth, the anteater and the elephant.

  • Sensory Zoo Tour.
    Animals have different senses than we do and perceive the world differently. On this themed tour you will learn more about different ways of perception and realities.

  • Animal husbandry appropriate to the species.
    What does a facility need to be like for an animal to exhibit its natural behavior? What kind of food does the animal need? On this guided tour you will observe different animals, learn more about their needs and gain insights into facility design.

  • Tropical Rainforest in Everyday Life (ages 8 and up).
    This tour creates awareness of how our consumerism affects rainforests, animals and people. The children go in search of familiar scents, spices and foods in the Masoala rainforest and learn what they themselves can do to protect the rainforest.

Big cats and elephants

  • Lion, Tiger and Co.
    On this themed tour you will meet the Indian lions, Amur tigers and snow leopards, which are all "Asians" but live in very different habitats. Accordingly, your "journey" takes you from India to eastern Russia, with a stopover in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Elephants
    Get to know the Asian elephants, the elephant park "Kaeng Krachan" and the conservation project for wild elephants that Zurich Zoo supports in Thailand. On the way to the elephant park and back you will stop at more zoo animals.

Steppe, savannah, tropics and other zones

  • Masoala Rainforest
    Discover the Malagasy flora and fauna at Zurich Zoo and the Zoo's conservation project on the Masoala Peninsula in Madagascar.

  • Australia
    On the guided tour through the new Australia enclosure, you will encounter koalas, kangaroos, emus and the impressive giant monitor lizard. In addition to the typical Australian fauna, the so-called invasive (introduced) species are also a topic, whose spread in Australia is being fought with great effort.

  • Mongolian steppe
    After meeting Bactrian camels, domestic yaks and cashmere goats, learn exciting facts about milk and biodiversity at the exhibition in the yurt village. The tour is supplemented with side trips to other Himalayan animals such as the Amur tiger or the snow leopard.

  • Pantanal
    Discover the Pantanal, the species-rich South American wetland that is home to tapirs, flamingos and squirrel monkeys, for example. The problems of the animal trade are also addressed in this themed tour.

  • Lewa Savannah
    In the Lewa Savanna you will experience giraffes, rhinos and zebras, but also small stars such as meerkats and naked mole rats make their appearance. In addition, you will learn more about rhino poaching and what Zurich Zoo is doing together with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya against it.

Size of group

1 to 25 people


from 1 h


all year round
March till October: 9-20 h
November till February: 9-19 o'clock


Zurich Distanz show map


German, French, English, Italian

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Zoo tour
Up to 10 pers. 512.00  flat-rate
11-20 pers. 640.00  flat-rate
From 21 pers. 32.00  /pers.
Young people (16-24 years) 25.00  /pers.
Children (6-15 years) 20.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Admission to the zoo
-   Themed tour of your choice

Not included

-   round trip

Optional extras

-   Aperitif after the tour
-   lunch or dinner
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