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Escape Game: Submarine wreck and safe robbery

Escape Game: Submarine wreck and safe robbery
Escape Game: Submarine wreck and safe robbery
Escape Game: Submarine wreck and safe robbery
You only have one hour to get down into a submarine or crack a safe. That calls for teamwork.

Two escape game rooms - two adventures

Find together the secrets of the two exciting rooms right in the heart of Zurich. Only as a team can you reach your goal here. You have 60 minutes per room to unravel the unique stories. Both rooms will convince you with their authenticity and attention to detail.

The submarine wreck

Dive down into an abandoned wreck of a German submarine from the Second World War. With your help, the Allies have a unique opportunity to gain access to the infamous Enigma machine. If your team deciphers the code, it will prevent the surprise attack of the German Kriegsmarine. A sense of achievement that is preceded by real adventure.

The vault robbery

A high-security safe, a secret organisation and a conspiracy, as well as thrills and time pressure, all add up to a lot: "The Heist". Mystical puzzles have to be solved, cryptic hieroglyphics deciphered and tricky codes cracked. And time is ticking away in the background and the police sirens are getting closer and closer. Can you crack the safe within 60 minutes?

Size of group

2 to 12 people


around 1 h


all year round


Zurich Distanz show map


German, English

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Maximum 6 persons per room possible
With 2 persons 49.00  /pers.
With 3 persons 41.00  /pers.
With 4 persons 34.00  /pers.
With 5 persons 31.00  /pers.
With 6 persons 30.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   On-site support
-   60 minutes playing time in one or, in the case of large groups, in both rooms
-   Exclusive Escape Game

Not included

-   outward and return journey

Optional extras

-   Pizza party around the corner

Customers' views on this offer

Adriana Silva, Finanzen/Steuern Bubikon


Die Aufgaben waren abwechslungsreich und spannend. Dass die Escape-Games in mehrere Räume aufgeteilt sind, macht das Ganze ebenfalls nochmals interessanter.

Es war uns allerdings kaum möglich herauszufinden, ob wir auf der richtigen Spur sind, da es immer wieder weiterging ohne jegliche Bestätigung im Spiel selbst.

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