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Tablet sleuths – detectives in the city

Tablet sleuths – detectives in the city
Tablet sleuths – detectives in the city
Tablet sleuths – detectives in the city
Team work is crucial to this detective story: each participant becomes an investigator for a few hours.

Your team hunts for clues

Join your team for a special adventure. In a city of your choice you can complete unforgettable training as a detective and support the professional investigators to solve a criminal case. Interrogating, deducing, shadowing, investigating, and following hot trails: there's a lot to learn. Demonstrate your detective skills!

Fun and games with the tablet

Excitement, fun, and teamwork are in the forefront of this detective game. Each team is composed of 6 - 8 investigators, and whether they work as precise observers, patient shadowers, technicians, stragegists, or brave adventurers, everyone has to use their particular talents. Only as a team can the case be solved. Tablet PCs, GPS tracking devices, mini cameras are amongst the means with which you can work, and your trainer is in constant contact with your team in order to give you valuable advice. Only with a lot of team spirit and a feel for the clues can the challenges be met and the case cracked.


The detective game is composed of some 15 tasks which each team has to solve in its own way. Some examples:

  • In the course of shadowing a suspect, something has gone wrong. The trail has gone cold. Fortunately the suspect was equipped with a GPS device, but he is only visible on the interactive map at three minute intervals. Is that enough to find him?

  • A serial bank robber has the city in suspense. Your trainer surprises you by sending you to the first two crime scenes and asks you to search for evidence that may have been overlooked by the police. With the help of crime scene photos, UV lights, witness statements and surveillance cameras you have to try to anticipate where and when the robber will strike next.

  • Invesitgators are never keen to use weapons and violence, but sometimes there's no other way. A special training session ensures that your team knows exactly which techniques can be used and when. And it's not just about old-fashioned firearms...

Size of group

20 to 500 people


2-3 h


all year round


Zurich, Basel, Berne, Lucerne, Solothurn (other cities on request)


German, English

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
up to 23 pers. 2'500.00  flat-rate
more than 24 pers. 109.00  /pers.
more than 50 pers. 99.00  /pers.
more than 100 pers. 89.00  /pers.
erection and packing away
up to 49 pers. 100.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Use of the detective software
-   Investigator's bag with tablet PC, GPS device, map, files etc.
-   Souvenir photos of the day
-   Ponchos (in case of rain)
-   Real-time game intervention
-   Leadership and accompaniment on location

Not included

-   Return travel

Optional extras

-   Food or apéritif afterwards

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Professionals at work
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Professionals at work

A crime scene, some clues and a mysterious suspect: put yourself in the shoes of a forensic expert and get your hands on the culprit of this murder! »

8 - 190 people
from CHF 75.00 per person
all year round
Everywhere in Switzerland
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