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Scotland Yard - the reality chase

Scotland Yard - the reality chase
Scotland Yard - the reality chase
Scotland Yard - the reality chase
Experience a variation of the legendary board game "Scotland Yard" and go on an outdoor manhunt with your team.

Cleverness and teamwork are required

Play "Scotland Yard" for once not on the board in the parlor, but outside in the open air. Become "real" detectives, "real" informers and "real" criminals yourself. We start with a briefing, where the participants are divided into teams. Each team receives a smartphone and each detective his own toolkit. Well equipped, the detectives set out on a manhunt. But the rogue and his team are clever, they lay false tracks and manipulate clues. The detectives are given tricky tasks such as cracking suitcases, deciphering codes, integrating augmented reality tags, finding GPS coordinates and disarming devices. This requires teamwork and only the best will succeed in catching the perpetrator and solving the case.

In the city, in the country - in any case outdoors

"Scotland Yard" can be carried out in the city or in rural areas. Depending on the sporting ambitions of the participants, the routes can be shorter or longer and additional elements such as e-bikes can be added. All teams are monitored by the control centre and can be guided back on the right track if necessary.

A tailor-made event for you

"Scotland Yard" is not a ready-made scavenger hunt, but a game which - in terms of venue, duration, choice of route, etc. - is not only a game of chance, but also a game of chance. - can be adapted to your needs.

Size of group

15 to 150 people


2-4 h


all year round


German, English

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Customized program from 6'900.00  flat-rate
plus 179.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Installation in the terrain of your choice
-   Material and equipment for the Challenge
-   Costs for informants (actors)
-   Rangers for the terrain security and the supervision of the teams

Not included

-   Local hire of vehicles
-   Permits and, if necessary, obtaining a driving licence and any applicable fees
-   If necessary, additional days for recounting or preparation

Optional extras

-   Photo traps and an event photographer are of course available. We would be happy to take over the management of the entire event for you, including catering, hotel business etc.
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