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play hornet catching for groups

play hornet catching for groups
play hornet catching for groups
play hornet catching for groups
In hornussen the aim is to hit the "nouss". Discover how easy or difficult this is and what the rest of the team has to do in this playful event.

Hornussen at your site

Bring the rustic sport to a place of your choice and surprise your work colleagues, your international customers or business partners with two hours of fun and games. The mobile version of the Hornussens is slightly simplified and adapted to newcomers. You try to hit tennis balls with slalom ski poles. It is quite possible that the balls fly a hundred meters! Distance boards, set up every ten metres, allow you to measure the range.

Here's how the game is played

In the morning or in the afternoon, just as you wish, the mobile Hornusserbock is set up first and the "Ries" (playing field) is staked out. When the participants arrive one by one, everything is ready. Now you will be introduced to the game by active Hornussers and then divided into two teams. The real Hornusser rules apply! This means that the hitting team tries to hit the "nouss" or the ball from the buck as far as possible into the playing field. The "abstaining" team, which is spread over the field, tries to slow down the "nouss" on its flight by throwing up the interception shovels, the so-called "shingles". Then the team changes.

How it all began...

... not clear. Hornussen is a traditional Bernese team sport, but since when the game has existed, we don't know exactly. However, first mentions of the game can be found in the early 17th century, and Hornusserspiele are also described in the novel "Uli der Knecht" by Jeremias Gotthelf (19th century).


Size of group

10 to 30 people


Open field with short grass, 20 x 80 m (football field, meadow etc.)


around 2 h


all year round


There is a place in Auswil and Schüpfenried. At other places the place would have to be organized by you. Distanz show map


German, French, English

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
Hornussen mobile 650.00  flat-rate
Travel expenses per KM 1.50  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Game supervision (2 hours) by specialists
-   Mobile Hornussian trestle
-   Shingles for "tuning up"
-   Ranking list and award ceremony

Not included

-   Possible local or terrain rent

Optional extras

-   Longer operating time
-   food and drink
-   Winning prizes

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