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Lively intervals

Lively intervals
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Lively intervals
Lively intervals
Lively intervals
Lively intervals
Lively intervals
Surprise your team and briefly interrupt your workshop, seminar or conference with lively activities.

Active loosening

The name says it all: "Munterbrechung" comprises short activities that allow you to interrupt workshops, seminars and conferences in a targeted manner. In this way, you not only create surprise among the participants, but above all, you also ensure a fresh spirit of life after long periods of sitting, listening and lecturing. After the "interruption" the concentration is higher again and the atmosphere is more relaxed. If desired, the "Munterbrechung" can refer to your seminar in terms of content.

Some possible exercises

All exercises are simple and exhilarating and require little time. Below are three examples to illustrate:

  • Please turn
    The participants stand in a circle. Someone starts and gives a clapping signal to the person to the right. This person also claps, and so the clapping moves around, faster and faster. Then a short break. From now on, if you clap twice in a row when it's your turn, it triggers a change of direction. So the clapping moves back and forth.

  • All mixed up
    The participants stand in a circle. The exercise begins with the "everyday task": an ordinary object is passed on to the right. Now the "special task" is added: A juggling ball flies from one person to another in a fixed order. Finally, it is time for the "chaos task": An object flies back and forth across - you always have to expect to get thrown. At the same time, the other two objects should continue to circulate calmly.

  • name
    Someone starts and says his name: "I am Rolf." The person to the right or left then says, "This is Rolf, and I'm Urs." The next person says, "This is Rolf, this is Urs, and I'm Marita." And so on until the round is over. You'll be amazed how easy it is to remember all the names. The exercise is also very funny: mistakes are allowed, and you are allowed to help each other.

For more joy and lightness

The "interruptions" can be carried out in a block of about 50 minutes or in several blocks spread over the day or the conference. Either way, they bring more joy and lightness into the daily seminar routine, promote the enjoyment of teaching and learning and contribute to the success of workshops, seminars and conferences.

Size of group

10 to 400 people


from 0.5 h


all year round


All of Switzerland



Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
from 850.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Individual preliminary meeting
-   On-site support
-   Lightness and joy in the seminar

Not included

-   Rent for premises and infrastructure
-   Catering of the moderator
-   Travel and overnight expenses

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