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Tablet sleuths – detectives in the city

Tablet sleuths – detectives in the city
Tablet sleuths – detectives in the city
Tablet sleuths – detectives in the city
In this thriller, nothing works without teamwork: all participants slip into the role of an investigator for a few hours.

Searching for clues as a team

Venture with your team on a very special adventure. In a city of your choice, you will complete an unforgettable crime training together and support the professional investigators in solving a criminal case. Interrogate, combine facts, shadow, investigate and follow hot leads: There's a lot to learn. Put your criminalistic skills to the test.

Fun and games with the tablet

Suspense, fun and teamwork are the focus of this mystery game. Each team consists of six to eight investigators. Whether as a detailed observer, patient tailer, technician, strategist or courageous adventurer: Each and everyone is called upon with his and her special skills, and only together will you succeed in solving the case. Technically you will be supported by tablet PCs, GPS trackers, mini cameras etc.. Your instructor is in constant contact with your team and gives you valuable advice. Only with the necessary intuition and a lot of team spirit will you succeed in drawing the right conclusions and mastering all the challenges.

Potential challenges

The mystery game involves various tasks that each team tries to solve in their own way. The following are some examples:

  • Something went wrong while shadowing a suspect. Unfortunately, the colleagues lost him. Fortunately, the suspect was equipped with a GPS tracking device. However, he can only be seen on the interactive map every three minutes. Will you still manage to find and apprehend the suspect?

  • A serial bank robbery is rocking the city. Your instructor unexpectedly sends you to the first two crime scenes and asks you to look for clues there that the police may have missed. Using crime scene photos, UV lights, witness statements, and surveillance video, you try to predict where and when the bank robbers will strike next.

  • The use of weapons and violence of any kind displeases any good investigator. But sometimes you can't do without it. During a special training session you prove that your team knows exactly which techniques to use when and how. It does not always have to be the well-known firearm...

Size of group

20 to 1000 people


1.5-3 h


all year round


Whole Switzerland


German, English, Französisch auf Anfrage

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
up to 25 pers. 2'190.00  flat-rate
from 26 pers. 89.00  /pers.
from 51 pers. 79.00  /pers.
from 101 pers. 75.00  /pers.

Included in the price

Event preparation
-   Consulting, timing and scheduling, adaptation to your individual event location
Event execution
-   Fully supervised event by experienced and motivated event leaders and guides and guides (introduction, team organisation, support, showdown)
Team equipment
-   Investigator bag incl. tablet, map, investigation file
Software Features
-   Live score, team visibility, live investigator chat.
Event closure
-   Souvenir photos, Crime Academy diploma.

Not included

-   round trip

Optional extras

-   Dinner or aperitif afterwards

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Professionals at work

Professionals at work

A crime scene, some clues and a mysterious suspect: put yourself in the shoes of a forensic expert and get your hands on the culprit of this murder! »

8 - 190 people
from CHF 75.00 per person
all year round
Everywhere in Switzerland
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