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Team Events arranges excursions for companies throughout Switzerland.

The golf duel - the golf event at your place

The golf duel - the golf event at your place
The golf duel - the golf event at your place
The golf duel - the golf event at your place
The golf duel - the ultimate challenge for your team. Build nasty obstacles and holes in tricky places for the opposing team in the course we have set up.

Have fun at the big golf duel

In your location - for example a shop, a manufacturing building, your offices or your workshop - two or more courses are set up depending on the number of players. The teams build obstacles for the opponents with the available material so that the opposing team needs as many strokes as possible to get all the balls into the hole.

Which team needs the fewest strokes

All teams have the same obstacles at their disposal, which are built into the course for the opposing team. The golf game thus becomes a special challenge.
There are no limits to creativity. Which team has the right strategy? Which constellation brings the opposing team to many strokes? Teamwork and the right tactics lead to team success.
But it is a matter of honour that a fair course is set up so that the ball can really reach the target.

All the equipment is brought along by the Office Golf team, which also hosts the event, or you simply hire all the equipment and run the event without our golf guide. Let's play golf!

Size of group

10 to 100 people


from 1 h


all year round


All over Switzerland


German, English

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
With you on site
10 - 20 pers. 65.00  /pers.
21 - 30 pers. 55.00  /pers.
31 - 50 pers. 50.00  /pers.
larger groups on demand
Whole Switzerland
per kilometer 1.50  flat-rate
Guide costs per hour of travel 30.00  flat-rate
Hire of all golf equipment
unattended 500.00  flat-rate
ab 21 Pers, 800.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Use of golf clubs, balls and other necessary utensils
if booked
-   Supervision by Office-Golf-Guide
-   Award ceremony at the end

Optional extras

-   Small prizes
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