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Team-Events offers outings and events for companies large and small throughout Switzerland. Deal with the organiser direct.

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Tablet Dinner - fun at the table

Tablet Dinner - fun at the table
Tablet Dinner - fun at the table
Tablet Dinner - fun at the table
The tablet dinner transforms your company meal into a playful competition in which each table forms a team.

Pleasure at the table

Turn your firm's dinner into a tablet dinner, and offer your guests a whole lot of fun as well as fine food. A new phase of the game starts between each course, immersing you and your colleagues in new, hilarious and original challenges involving general knowledge, music and film, and a dance battle. The tablets allow everyone to work together on the challenges presented by the game. This recreational team building activity can be held in any Swiss city and adapted to suit any type of business meal.

More fun after the dessert

The last round has been played and the dessert has been eaten, but there's more fun to come when, at the end of the tablet dinner, you look at the photos and videos that have been made in the course of the game. That's sure to raise a smile!


  • A modern form of entertainment to accompany a meal.
  • Choice of themes to suit your company or event.
  • A competitive atmosphere together with a fun and relaxed approach.

This package offers great flexibility, so don't hesitate to tell us exactly what you'd like (available time, region, etc). We will suggest a programme tailored to your needs!

00:00 Welcome
00:20 Short explanation
00:30 Beginning of the meal and game
02:00 Conclusion of the meal and game
03:30 Debriefing, coffee and results
04:00 End of the activity


Size of group

18 to 350 people


from 2.5 h


all year round


Throughout Switzerland


French, English

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
ex VAT
18 or more 50.00  /pers.
Travel costs of the team per km 1.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   All requisite materials
-   Tablets
-   Hosting on location

Not included

-   Dinner in a restaurant of your choice

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