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In the beginning was fire

In the beginning was fire
In the beginning was fire
In the beginning was fire
In the beginning was fire
In the beginning was fire
In the beginning was fire
Learn how to get a fire going without matches or lighters, and bake your own bread over the fire.

Become a fire expert

You've been stalking the deer for days. Finally the animal has been killed, your stomach is rumbling, and you're looking forward to a nice piece of grilled venison. Too bad, if this was a million years ago and you had no matches or lighters. But it would have been no problem if our fire expert had been a member of your tribe. He will teach you how to make a fire just as in the days of our ancestors.

Fire lighting made easy

Three things are needed to build a fire: fuel, oxygen and a way of reaching the point at which the fuel takes light. The former, i.e. the fuel, can be found in every forest. Oxygen is freely available. But you need to supply the third element. Our expert will show you how to use a "bow drill", as well as telling what tinder to use and which types of wood are suitable. You will learn other techniques as well. How do you start a fire with a flint, and how long does it take to get a fire going using sun and glass?

Homemade bread as your reward

At last your fire is alight, and slowly develops a good glow. Now you can skewer the meat - if you really do have a deer to hand. But it's quicker and easier to satisfy your hunger by wrapping your own handmade dough around a stick, sit comfortably by the fire, throw on some more wood and reflect on the day as you enjoy your own fire-baked bread.

Size of group

10 to 50 people


from 2 h


all year round


Aarau and throughout Switzerland Distanz show map


German, French

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
from 10 Pers. 69.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Instruction
-   Workshop preparation
-   Bread dough

Not included

-   Travel to and from the event
-   Drinks

Customers' views on this offer

Dominik Honegger, Helvetia Versicherungen


Feuer machen unter erschwerten Bedingungen: Feuerbohren nur mit Holz aus der Region - durchaus eine anstrengende Herausforderung. Dementsprechend ist das Feuer auch nicht bei allen entfacht.
Eine super Veranstaltung der etwas anderen Art mit einem fachlich und technisch sehr kompetenten und sympathischen Moderator!Sehr zu empfehlen auch als Teambuilding-Event.

Mandy Neitzel


Es war ein super Event. Trotz schlechtem Wetter am Abend haben fast alle Feuerwerkskörper gezündet und sogar unser Firmenlogo erstrahle im Barockfeuerwerk. Sehr gelungene Veranstaltung.

Oskar Egli, Hunkeler AG


Es hat allen sehr viel Spass gemacht zu erleben wie man auch ohne Zündhölzer Feuer machen kann. Der Feuerfachmann konnte auf einfache, interessante und spanende Art sein Wissen den Kursteilnehmern vermitteln.
Alle waren zufrieden, da es auch geklappt hat mit der Umsetzung von der Theorie in die Praxis und somit unsere Erwartungen erfüllt wurden.

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